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connecting computers and keeping them safe from hackers and viruses.

vianey lopez

3rd period


(computer science) any computer that is hooked up to a computer network

client/server network

network that consists of client and server computers,in wich the client make request of the server and the server returns the response.

ethernet network

a network that uses the ethernet protocol as the means(or standard)by wich the nodes on the network communicate.

internet protocol address(IPaddress)

the means by wich all computers connected to the internet identify each consists of a unique set of four numbers seperated by dots such as

local area network(LAN)

a network in wich the nodes are located within a small geographic area.


group of two or more computers (or nodes) that are configured to share information and resources such as printers,files,and database.

network operating system(NOS)

software that handles requests for information,internet access,and the use of peripherals for the network nodes.


a network in wich each node connected to the network can communicate direclty with every other node on the network.


a device that routes packets of data between two or more networks.


a computer that provides resources to the other computers on a network.

trojan horse

a computer program that appears to be something useful or desirable(such as game or screen saver),but at the same time does something malicious in the background without the users knowledge.


a computer program that attaches itself to another computer program.

wide area network(WAN)

network made up of local area networks(LANs)connected over long distances.


the 801.11 standard for wireless data transissions established by the institute of electrical and electronics engineers(IEEE)

wireless network

a network that uses radio waves instead of wires or cable as its transmission medium.

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