Final Nutrition exam study 4

Vitamins are necessary for a variety of processes, select all that apply.
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Name the vitamin that collagen synthesis and antioxidant activity are dependent upon.Vitamin CWhat is intracellular fluid?Water found inside the cell (cell membranes)Intracellular water volume relies on _______and ________ concentrations.Potassium, phosphateJake is an active thirty year old male. During his physical he comments that he is often thirsty. He wants to know how much fluid he should have daily. Explain to Jake the general recommendations for total fluid intake and the amount from fluids alone for males.Males require 15 total cups of total fluid daily and 13 of these should come from fluid alone.Which of the following individuals would be more likely to be dehydrated and not recognize that they are thirsty? Choose all that apply.1. Grace, a 90 year old widow 2. Bailey, an active three year oldState the 2 groups used to categorize dietary minerals.Major minerals and trace mineralsThe bioavailability (absorption) of minerals can be affected by several types of interactions. (1) State the interaction from the list that best describes what is occurring in the situation below. (2) List whether the interaction increases or decreases bioavailability. Kate always takes a calcium supplement with an iron supplement before bed. A. Mineral-mineral interactionB. Vitamin-mineral interactionC. Fiber-mineral interaction(1) A. Mineral-mineral interaction. (2) Bioavailability will decrease.Following the DASH diet will lower the consumption of what mineral? Why would one follow the DASH diet?Sodium intake will decline. DASH will lower the risk for hypertension and increase fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products.Certain minerals may contribute to high blood pressure. Choose all that apply.Sodium and chlorideWhat are the three factors that impact the absorption of iron?Heme vs. nonheme iron (type of iron), iron status and diet ( nutrient interactions)A deficiency in iron will lead to what condition?Low red blood cells and Anemia (iron deficiency anemia)Hypogeusia results when an individual is deficient in what mineral? Define the term hypogeusia.Zinc; A reduced or inability to tasteJoy has come in for her annual physical. As you complete her physical you note that she appears tired and pale. Upon further discussion she shares that she has no appetite and is always cold. What mineral deficiency do you suspect?Low iron levels (or anemia) would be appropriate answersOne of your patient's reports a reduced sense of smell. You suspect a zinc deficiency and explain that a reduced sense of smell is a condition called ______________________.Hyposmia (Anosmia is complete loss of smell)During World War 1, the medical community noted an increase in the number of individuals diagnosed with Goiter. This led to a mandatory fortification program. Salt must now be fortified with what?Iodide