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Which statement about the cell theory is correct?
All living things are made up of cells.
Mitochondria are structurally complex organelles with both an inner and outer membrane. Mitochondria function to.
Produce energy for the cell
A collection of cells with similar function forms.
A tissue
Cells require a thick jelly-like substance that holds organelles in place inside the cell. This substance is known.
Turgor pressure can help plants move. Internal water pressure can cause.
A wilted stem to return to an upright position.
Plants cells have a strong, rigid outer layer known as the cell wall. The function of the cell wall is to.
Help the cell maintain its shape under changing water pressure.
Cells require a structure that regulates the transfer of material in and out of the cell. This structure is the.
Cell membrane.
Chloroplasts are oval disks containing green chlorophyll and usually arrange near the outside of a plant cell. What cellular function do they support?
The hereditary information in animal and plant cells is located on the chromosomes, which the cells store in the.
Animals exhale to get rid of carbon dioxide in the body. In what way do cells function the same?
They remove waste created by cellular activities.
The diagram illustrates some of the organelles found in a cell. Which statement best describes the central organelle indicated by the arrow in the diagram?
It is a nucleus and is found in both plant and animal cells.
Which two parts of the cell are unique to plant cells?
Cell wall and chloroplasts
What is considered to be the lowest level of organization in a multicellular organism?
Vacuoles are round organelles found in both plant and animal cells. Their primary function is to
Store wate,waste, and nutrients for the cell.
Two unlabeled slides are viewed under a microscope. Slide A has cells with a visible nucleus, mitochondria, a cell membrane, a cell wall, and chloroplasts. Slide B has cells with a visible nucleus, mitochondria, and a cell membrane. How should these slides be labeled?
Slide A - plant cells, Slide B - animal cells
Plant cells have large, round vacuoles they primarily use for
Water storage
Which of the following statements supports the idea from the cell theory that cells extract energy from food to sustain life?
A paramecium breaks down organic matter to live.
A diagram of a plant cell is shown below. The function of the plant cell structure shown in the enlargement is to
Use energy from sunlight to make sugar
The cell theory was formulated only after the invention of the microscope. To which aspect of the cell theory did the microscope first contribute?
All organisms are composed of cells.
Photosynthesis in plant cells and cellular respiration in animal cells perform a similar function, which is to
Obtain energy for cellular activities.
What structure in a cell contains the genetic information?
Cell membranes have each of the following functions EXCEPT.
Giving the cell a rigid, inflexible shape.
A cell was observed under a microscope. A cell wall, a nucleus, and cytoplasm were visible. Which statement is best supported by these observations? The cell is from
A plant because it contains a cell wall
Both plant and animal cells need to produce energy for cellular functions. In both types of cell, this function is. carried out by the
An eukaryotic cell can be distinguished from a prokaryotic cell because only a eukaryotic cell will have
A nucleus.