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to progress from an embryonic to an adult form
Ex. "Seeds develop into plants only when conditions are right and the seeds have all they need in order to grow."


An organism in the earliest stage of development
Ex. "The embryo is the part of the seed that becomes the plant."


early growth stage of a plant embryo
Ex. "Germination is the stage at which the embryo inside a seed first begins to grow."


not progressing or increasing
Ex. When a seed is inactive, it does not grow."


to guard or shield
Ex. The protective covering on a seed, called the seed coat, keeps the seed from being harmed or drying out."


make straight or straighter
Ex "Plant stem straighten as they grow toward the sun>"


condition of the air, water, soil, etc.


the usual purpose of a thing




a series of action, developments, or changes that happen in a sequence

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