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New Immigrants in a Promised Land

How many immigrants poured into the United States between 1865 and 1915?
25 million.
What are push factors?
Conditions that drive people from their homes.
What are pull factors?
Conditions that attract immigrants to a new area.
What type of work did many European immigrants do and why were they looking for work in America?
Many were either farmers or farmworkers. Farmland in Europe became scarce and the farms could hardly support the families working on them.
What types of persecution drove many people from their homes?
Political or religious.
What is a pogrom?
Organized attacks on Jewish villages.
What type of jobs were the chief pull factor for immigrants?
What did factory owners do to hire workers at low wages?
They sent agents to Europe and Asia to hire workers.
How did steamship companies and railroads help to entice the Europeans to come to America?
They offered low fares and posted notices advertising cheap land in the West.
Why was America called the "Land of Opportunity?"
There were many opportunities for immigrants to have new lives there.
What types of freedoms were immigrants eager for?
Freedom of religion and police not benig able to arrest you without reason.
What is steerage?
The airless rooms below deck.
Who greeted the European immigrants sailing into New York?
The Statue of Liberty.
Who wrote "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...
Emma Lazarus.
Describe what happened at Ellis Island?
Immigrants underwent a medical exam. If they weren't in full health, they had to stay in Ellis Island until they got better, or else they were shipped back. If they had names that were difficult to spell, they were often changed, and many immigrants didn't know anything about what America was like.
Where did many Asian immigrants enter the United States?
They entered on Angel isand in the San Francisco Bay.
Who were the Old Immigrants?
The early waves of English, Irish, German, and Scandanavian immigrants.
Who were the New Immigrants?
Italian, Polish, Greek, Russian, and Hungarian immigrants.
Where did most immigrants stay when they entered the United States?
They stayed in the cities where they landed.
Why did immigrant neighborhoods develop?
It was a place where immigrants could speak their own language, celebrate special holidays, and prepare foods as in the old country.
How did religion unite and separate the immigrants?
It would bring people of the same faith and ethnic background together. For instance, Italian Catholics worshipped in an Italian church, while Polish Catholics would worship in a Polish church.
What is acculturation?
The process of holding on to older traditions while adapting to a new culture.
Who is a nativist?
Americans who sought to limit immigration and preserve the country for native-born white Protestants.
How did nativist argue against the immigrants?
They argued that the immigrants wouldn't fit into American culture because their culture was too different.
What is the Chinese Exlusion Act?
It barred Chinese laborers and Chinese people who had left from entering the country.
What was the American Protective Association?
It campaigned for laws to restrict immigration.
What bill did Congress pass that President Grover Cleveland vetoed?
It was a bill that denied entry to people who couldn't read their own language.
What happened to this bill by 1917?
It became law.