Life of Muhammad

Muhammad was born into a powerful Maccan clan at 570 AD. His full name was Muhammad ibn Abd Allah al-Hashim al-Qurashi. That means Muhammad , servent of god, of the Hashim clan in the Quarysh Tribe. His parents died when he was young so he became orphaned as a child. He had to live with his uncle now
Angel Gabrial
When Muhammad was 40 years old, he was praying in a mountainside cave one day and the Angel Gabrial appeared to him as a messenger of Allah
Muhammad's encounters with god and his teaching and sermons were written down into a book called the Qu'ran.
Most Maccans rejected Muhammad's monotheism, encounters with god, and belief in charity
He and his followers called Mustlims we're boycotted and castout of the tribe. People in the town of Yabthrib invitedhim to followers to live there
Yabthrib was renamed Medina, which means "City of propet." He gained support and a larger following. People were impressed with his leadership.
Quaraysh tribe
The Quaraysh tribe of Mecca fought several battles against Muhammad and his followers in Medina. There were many ties until a peace treaty was made in 628 AD allowing Muhammad and his followers to enter Mecca on a pilgrimage to the Ka'aba
Muhammad destroyed the idols at the Ka'aba and dedicated it to Allah. Muhammad lived for 2 years, controlling both Mecca and Medina, making alliances with other Arabian tribes and spreading Islam thoughout the Arabian Peninsula
Muhammad died in 632 with no make heir to control Muslim lands