Bees and Wasps Exam

Males of both bees and wasps stay near the nest to help defend against invaders?
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Yellow jacket larvae feed mainly on fruit juices and other sweet materials?falseCicada killers got their name because they use cicadas as food for their young?trueTo the eye, Africanized and European hone bees look the same?trueAfter treating honey bees, you should always try and remove the hive because?the honey may melt and cause more damage, other types of pests may be attracted to the area, the old hive may be attractive to other beesSweat bees are attracted to the salts in human perspiration?trueYellow jackets are solitary pests?falseWhat provision does a mud dauber leave in the nest?spidersWorker bees are sterile females and they do which of the following work in the colony?build cells, produce wax & honey, feed the young, defend the colonyCarpenter bees are social insects?falseCicada killers are solitary wasps that live underground in their own separate burrows?true