Unit 4 quiz Real Estate course

A seller listed his property with a local brokerage company. The agency relationship between the seller and the sponsoring broker is a
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2. Which of these events will terminate an agency relationship between a broker and seller?
a) The broker discovers that the market value of the property is such that she will not make an adequate commission
b) The owner declares personal bankruptcy
c) The owner abandons the property
d) The broker appoints other brokers to help sell the property
4. A real estate licensee was representing a buyer. At their first meeting, the buyer explained that he planned to operate a dog grooming business out of any house he bought. The licensee did not check the local zoning ordinances to determine in which parts of town such a business could be conducted. Which agency duty did the licensee violate?
5. Broker A tells a prospective buyer, "This property has the most beautiful view." In fact, the view includes the back of a shopping center. In a separate transaction, Broker B fails to mention to some enthusiastic potential buyers that a six-lane highway is planned for construction within 10 feet of a house the buyers think is perfect. Based on these facts, which of these statements is TRUE?