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  1. No hagas
  2. No estudies.
  3. No tengas un mal día.
  4. No sacudas los muebles.
  5. No dibujes.
  1. a Don't dust.
  2. b Don't study.
  3. c Don't do/make
  4. d Don't have a bad day.
  5. e Don't draw.

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  1. Don't do your homework.
  2. Don't sweep the floor.
  3. Don't vaccuum.
  4. Don't listen.
  5. Don't write.

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  1. No limpies tu sala.Don't clean your living room.


  2. No decores el patio.Don't decorate the patio.


  3. No cocines.Don't sing.


  4. No comas.Don't cook.


  5. No cortes el césped.Don't decorate the patio.