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  1. 17
  2. Cardinal
  3. Monarch butterfly
  4. Jesse White
  5. 60
  1. a Current Sec. of State
  2. b state insect
  3. c state bird
  4. d Members on the State Board of Higher Education
  5. e Days needed for a bill to become a law w/o a signature

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  1. McLean County Assessor
  2. State Superintendent of Schools
  3. Term of office for Reps
  4. Territorial representative of Illinois
  5. veto sessions is even numbered years

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  1. 102Total number of counties in Illinois


  2. Michael MadiganCurrent Lt. Governor


  3. Richard DaleyDistrict 51st Senator


  4. 2nd Mon. in Jan.General Assembly sessions begin


  5. July 1, 1971state fossill


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