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  1. Kaskaskia
  2. 17
  3. 4 years
  4. Thomas Kilbride
  5. 30
  1. a Number of members on State Board of Education
  2. b Days within which a Gov. must receive a bill passed by Gen. Assembly
  3. c term of office for county officials
  4. d Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice
  5. e First capital of Illinois

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  1. Our County Board district number
  2. state amphibian
  3. Term of office for a Chief Justice
  4. Current state capital since 1839
  5. Number of legislative districts in Illinois

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  1. Chris KochState Superintendent of Schools


  2. 97Members on the Judicial Inquiry Board


  3. 2 yearsTerm of office for Reps


  4. General AssemblyLeader of the Illinois Legislative Branch


  5. 23Number of Illinois district circuit courts