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  1. 4 years
  2. Dec. 8, 1969
  3. Jason Chambers
  4. Dec. 3, 1818
  5. Jesse White
  1. a Current Sec. of State
  2. b Date the Constitutional Convention began
  3. c McLean County District Attorney
  4. d Illinois became a state
  5. e term of office for county officials

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  1. state nickname
  2. General Assembly session number
  3. Requirements to be in the General Assembly
  4. Total number of townships in Illinois
  5. Number of signatures needed on a recall petition

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  1. 118Number of Representatives in the General Assembly


  2. Patrick QuinnCurrent Lt. Governor


  3. 30Days within which a Gov. must receive a bill passed by Gen. Assembly


  4. Michelle AndersonMcLean County Auditor


  5. First Tuesday after the first Monday in NovemberJudges terms begin/County official terms begin