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  1. Michelle Anderson
  2. Ninian Edwards
  3. 3 years
  4. 2 or 4 years
  5. Jesse White
  1. a Territorial Governor of Illinois
  2. b Term of office for Illinois Senators
  3. c Term of office for a Chief Justice
  4. d Current Sec. of State
  5. e McLean County Auditor

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  1. President of the Illinois Constitutional Convention
  2. term of office for county officials
  3. Days within which a Gov. must receive a bill passed by Gen. Assembly
  4. Term for Executive branch members
  5. Days needed for a bill to become a law w/o a signature

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  1. First Tuesday after the first Monday in NovemberSupreme Court Sessions begin


  2. Dec. 15, 1970Date the Constitutional Convention ended


  3. Rebecca McNeilstate bird


  4. 2nd Wed. in Jan.General Assembly sessions begin


  5. 4 yearsTerm of office for Illinois Senators