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  1. Michael Madigan
  2. 23
  3. Dec. 15, 1970
  4. Land of Lincoln
  5. 2nd Wed. in Jan.
  1. a Number of Illinois district circuit courts
  2. b Speaker of the Illinois House
  3. c General Assembly sessions begin
  4. d Date the current Constitution was approved
  5. e state slogan

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  1. Representative 105th district
  2. First state governor of Illinois
  3. Term of office for Supreme and Appeallate Court judges
  4. President of the Illinois Constitutional Convention
  5. President of the Illinois Senate

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  1. Beth Carlson KimmerlingMcLean County Coroner


  2. 500,000Number of signatures needed on a recall petition


  3. 4McLean County appellate court district


  4. 2Our County Board district number


  5. 6 yearsTerm of office for Circuit Court judges


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