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• 1)Metaphysical
o assumes animistic dualism
o Character: who or what is understood as possessing an individual . Moves from Malevolent (wishing harm) to neutral to benevolent (good intentions)
Agent: Malevolent: demon or animals
Neutral: unquiet dead
Benevolent: gods/good spirits
o Motive: what is the possessing agent trying to accomplish? Malevolent: destruction/ domination Neutral: confusion Benevolent: instruction Demons are trying to get humans to doubt the possibility for them to have a connection with god
o Method: how does possession happen? M: Sin: the victim opened him or herself up or given consent in some way to allow the spirits to find a way in. Can become a progressive process. Possession is not something that just happens, it's an accumulation of events. Compliance.
Infection: if you are in spirit-contaminated places, spirits can enter in that way. Body-opening/dirt B: Chosen: Prep for it, and then the god chooses to possess you
o Intervention: M: over possession- if a spirit that is evil has taken over the body, you have to find a more powerful good spirit to drive out the evil spirit. It is not the exorcist driving out the spirit, all the exorcist can do is the ritual to call on the gods to drive the evil spirit out. Neutral: bargaining Benevolent: None- you don't need intervention as a god is a good thing! Under Malevolent and Neutral: Ritual Exorcism-verbal/physical there may be dialogue and questioning, there may also be physical aspects of it. E.g. holy water, communion. All the physical objects were seen as being holy or having god's attachment to it in some way. The LABEL determines the intervention. Based on the Labels of the possessing spirit, that is how you have to decide what the intervention will be