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The definitions for the above stated roots and the prefixes and suffixes we learned in Mrs. Moses' 5th period. R=Root P=Prefixe S=Suffixe W= Word with root in it

R: Pon

to place or put

R: Pone

to place or put

R: Pos

to place or put

R: Pose

to place or put

R: Post

to place or put

P: ap

toward; to; in; for; near

P: com

together, with; thoroughly

P: de

make opposite, reverse, remove; down

P: di

not; apart; opposite of; absence of; completely

P: ex

out of, from

P: in

in, into

P: op

to, before, against

P: pre

before; in front of

P: pro

for, forward, on behalf of; instead of

P: pur

for, forward, on behalf of; instead of

P: re

again, back, against

P: sup

less than normal; under; up from below

S: al

1.) (noun) action, process
2.) (adj.) characterized by

S: ent

1.) (adj.) doing, behaving
2.) (noun) quality or state

S: er

1.) (adj.) comparative form marker
2.) ( noun) person or thing that does

S: ful

(adj.) full of; characterized by

S: i

(noun) plural marker

S: ing

1.) (adj.) ongoing; in progress
2.) (verb) going on; happening

S: ion

(noun) result or outcome of an action or process

S: it

1.) (adj.) of, related to, suited for
2.) (noun) a native or product of
3.) (verb) to cause to become
4.) (noun) state, quality, or degree of

S: ive

1.) (adj.) inclined to be or serving to
2.) (noun) that which performs or serves to

S: ly

1.) (adj.) likein appearance, manner, or nature
2.) (adv.) in the appearance, manner, or nature

S: s

1.) (noun) designating a feature or activity
2.) (noun) plural marker
3.) (verb) he, she, or it does

S: es

1.) (noun) plural marker
2.) (verb) he, she, or it does

S: ure

1.) (noun) act of, process, function
2.) (verb) to do, to cause

W: position

place or stand

W: purposeful

characteristic of things set forth

W: proposals

suggestion offered

W: compost

of organic material put together

W: deposited

put down

W: decomposes

stops being put together

W: opposed

likely to put up argument against

W: proposed

put forth

W: exposition

act of showing in public

W: positive

put firmly and well

W: components

items put together; units that make a whole

W: composing

putting together; creating, especially music or poetry

W: disposal

fact or process of putting away; the right to throw away or use

W: depositing

putting down; putting money into a bank for safekeeping

W: exponent

something put outside; a math symbol denoting numerical power

W: opponents

people who are placed against; rivals, as in games

W: postponed

put off until afterwards

W: superimposeed

put down on top of something

W: predispositions

acts of being put aside beforehand; tendencies

S: ment

(noun) result, process, act, condition

W: reposed

placed oneself back; rested

W: exposure

act of being put out; act of being publicly shown

W: purposely

in a manner put forth; for a specific reason

W: opposition

placement in conflict against

W: purposefully

in a manner characteristic of things put forth; in a manner having many reasons

W: prepositional

related to being placed in front; pertaining to being put before an object

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