College Planner: Admissions Essay

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Essays are often a part of the admissions packet of many ____________ colleges.
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Admissions officers look at your essay through a number of different "lenses."

The student can write an intelligent essay using correct grammar and structure. _________________
The student can synthesize different viewpoints and come to his own conclusions. __________________
The student presents a neat and clean essay with no errors. _____________
Which of the following acts as a controlling agent for the entire paper?Thesis StatementWhich of the following should support the thesis sentence for the essay?Topic sentenceWhich of the following provides structure and support for the entire paper?OutlineWhich of the following is the most obvious sign of professionalism?MechanicsWhich of the following answers the question, "What is my one main idea for this paper?"Thesis StatementA final step before submitting an essay is to have someone _______ it.Proofread