An IMC strategy separates the promotional mix into parts and views them as isolated components.
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Which of the following is a benefit of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) program?A unified personality for a brand or product can be created.The first step in the AIDA concept involves convincing the would-be buyer of the product's ability to satisfy his or her needs.FalseWhich of the following types of advertising media dominates local markets?NewspapersWhich of the following acts as the source of the message communicated to the receiver in the communication process?SenderAdvertisers like radio for its ability to reach people while they drive because they are a captive audience.TrueNoise can also result from distractions within an advertising message itself.TrueIn designing promotional messages aimed at teens, you realize it is critical to use the language, references, idioms, and even jokes popular among that age group. Otherwise, you are courting trouble primarily related to which element of the communication process?Decoding by receiverNonmarketing public relations refer to a company's messages about general management issues.TrueAn IMC strategy begins with the organization's goods and services and then works its way toward consumer wants.FalseIn the context of Web communication, the term "hits" represents the number of user requests for a file.TrueIf you were looking for an advertising medium that worker for segmented audiences, had prestige, had a long shelf life, and money was of no object, which of the following would you select?MagazinesA nonpurchase is an example of a receiver's feedback.TrueThe advertiser's challenge in interactive advertising is to gain and hold consumer interest in an environment where these individuals control what they want to see.TruePaid, nonpersonal communication through various media about a business firm, not-for-profit organization, product, or idea by a sponsor identified in a message intended to inform or persuade members of a particular audience is called __________.AdvertisingThe primary disadvantage of magazine advertising is that magazines lack the flexibility of newspaper, radio, and TV.True