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a long period without rain


thick sheets of ice


movement of people to another land


a possible explanation


an object that someone made in the past


do only one kind of job


activity done for a special purpose or event


high, flat landform that rises steeply from the land around it.


culture with organized system of government, religion, and learning

Ice Age

long period of extreme cold on earth


a group of lands and peoples ruled by one leader


the practice of holding people against their will


more than is needed


payment demanded by rulers from the people they rule


one who studies artifacts of people


building shaped like a triangle

What was the effect of a land bridge linked to Asia and America ....

people and animals migrated to Amercia

Animals crossed the land bridge to North America, so

hunters followed them

Their way of life centered on hunting...

so hunters moved often

The large animals were no longer available to hunters...

and hunters became hunter-gathers

Agriculture made it possible for people to settle in one place...

because people began to grow their food

What kind of information is shown on a climograph?

average temperature and precipitation

Who developed the kayak?


Who lived in houses made from blocks of packed snow?


Who were the first to use irrigation in what would be the US?


Today we live in the frozen lands near the Arctic Ocean?


Why did the people known as Mound Builders build mounds?

For burial places for important chiefs, and to honor animal spirits, and were used for religious and other ceremonies

Explain how the Anasazi were able to farm in the desert?

They dug ditches to carry water from streams to the crops in their fields called irrigation

How did the Inuit adapt to life in the cold climate near Arctic Ocean?

They hunted whales, walruses, and seals, They developed the kayak and they built igloos

Compare and contrast the cultures of the Mound Builders, Anasazi, and the Inuit

All groups settled in different parts of North America. Anasazi and Mound Builders were farmers and Inuit were hunters. Mound Builders were also traders

Name two achievements of the Mayan civilization

1. An accurate calendar
2. a system of writing

What role did war play in the growth of Aztec Empire?

War expanded it and helped them extend their borders from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans

Many Maya specialized in one skill like _____


The Aztec created ______

floating gardens and carved terraces into hillsides

The Inca had a speedy _____

communication system

Early empires developed ______ ways of life


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