College Planner: What does college cost?

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The cost of college education are about the same as when your parents went to school
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Public schools receive a large portion of their budgets from federal and state tax money. Therefore the amount they charge students is usually lower than other schools. Normally residents of the state in which the school is located pay lower tuition cost for an out-of-state students. Of the public colleges and universities the local or regional community colleges typically have the lowest tuition cost of all.
Which of the following would be considered personal expenses?Laundry haircuts clothing toiletries recreationThe two main categories of college transportation costs are:Travel to and from home Travel around your college townCheck all the answers that are true about transportation costCar insurance is the single biggest auto expenses for college aged students If you're a commuter student you can cut down on cost by planning your class schedules so you only take classes two or three days a week