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Histo, Blasto, and Cocci,
mold at room temp and yeast at 37

Histoplasma Capsulatum what type of cultures??

Bone marrow, respiratory specimen, blood cultures

Histo Geographical

Ohio and Mississippi

How long does Histo take to grow

10-14 days

Appearance in Tissues

2-4 microns, INTRACELLULAR in macrophages, smaller than Blasto

Type of Media

fungal media with cycloheximide, which enhances

Must be differentiated from?

Sepedonium which is not dimorphic

BLASTOMYCES description

8-15 double walled, no macroconidia

BLASTO culture from

sinuses, drainage

BLAST at 37? at RT?

37 it is rounded (cotton seed) and RT it looks like lollipops


cotton seed agar; converts Blasto


in 5 days


San Juoquin Valley Fever or Desert Valley Fever

Appearance in tissue


Colony morphology

barrel-shaped arthroconidia


hyphae fragments- reproductive cells (sporolates); highly infectious

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