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What was the main purpose of the declaration of independence
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How the did the federalists and Anti-Federalist differ?Anti- Opposed ratificantion of the constitution- PAtrick Henry Federalists said they were for it.What was the three-fifths compromiseIt stated that slaves would count toward a states population only as "three fifths" of a personWhat was added to the constitution to reassure those who feared that the government had too much power.Bill of rightsWhat was the immediate goal of the federalist papers?To try to convince New York to ratify the proposed constitutionWhat did Jefferson mean by "building a wall of separation"?Seperation of church and state.... Freedom of religionWhat set of responsibilities does the constitution assign to congress?Collect taxes, declare war, make laws, regulate commerce.What are some checks that the executive branch can use to balance the powers of the following branches.Can veto acts of congress Can call special sessions Can suggest laws and send messages to congressWhat are some checks that the legislature branch can use to balance the power of the following branches.Can impeach and remove federal judges Establish power Can refuse to confirm judical appointmentsWhat are some checks that the judicial branch can use to balance the power of the following branches?Judicial review can declare acts of congress Unconstitutional/ judicial review DEclare acts of executive branch unconstitutionalWhat was the main principle of federalism?To have the power of the government be shared between federal government and state governmentsWhat is the main purpose of "serration of powers"?To prevent the abusing of power to prevent someone getting too much powerDescribe the system of check and balancesGovern separate areas in order to prevent one person or group from abusing powerWhy was the northwest ordinance (1787) an important lawExplained how terrotories could become statesWhy was it beneficial for congress to be able to regulate commerce between states?Easier to trade, and for the peopleWhy were political parties formed?Because the Americans disagreed about how the new country should be ranWhich of the founders favored a strong national government and a loose interpretation of the U.S constitution?Alexander Hamilton(Federalists)Which of the founders favored a limited national government and a strict interpretation of the U.S constitution?Thomas Jefferson(Democratic-Republicans)What was the impacts of shays rebellion of 1786 on the writing of the u.s. constitution?The delegates worked to create a stronger central government that would "establish justice"What was the impact of the federal governments response to the whiskey rebellion?Attacks by the angry mobs. President Washington issued a proclamation and called up a large federal militia.How can a bill that is vetoed by the president still become a law?If it receives a two-thirds of the votes in both house of congress.How does freedom of the press help protect the majority of citizens?By limiting the freedom of speech or of the press.How did the Louisina purchase impact the United States?American aquired Louisiana territory from france doubling the size of the United States.Describe President Washington's farewell and Jeffersons 1801 inaugural address.Washington for= national units, for checks and balances, good that we have religion. For staying neutral, AGAINST= political parties, national debt, foreign alliances. Jefferson for= national unity, protecting minorities, for strong government. Against alliancesExplain the reason for the democratic decreases in exports in 1807 and from 1810 to 1812.Britian interfered with U.S. trade by kidnapping American sailors. Britian did a blockade.What British pratice led to the U.S. decleration of war in 1812?Americans begin to assemble a naval fleet on lake erie, under oliver hazard policy.What were the effects of the war of 1812?America proved they can protect themselves. Make own goods. Increase in patriotism.What was the purpose of the monroe doctrine (1823)Stay out or deal with us.Where did the industrial revolution in America begin?New England. Textile industry ClothWhat was the impact of the industrial revolution?Machines are create. Larger factories create. Cities became important manufacturing trade. More general people worked.Describe the transportation revolution of the 1800s?Canals and rail roads created. Steam powered train. Henry Clay.Why was the cotton gin important to southern agriculture?Taking seeds out of faster, less expensive.What was the impact of the cotton gin?Planters grow more cotton, and cotton exports increased. Slavery expanded to meet the growing demand for cotton production. Grew in the south west .Pushing native Americans off the land.What group gained power under the Jacksonian Democracy?the common man// average personWho received jobs under the spoils system?Jackson's supportersWhy did president jackson relocate Cherokees from Georgia to Indian Territory?-Jackson supported the Indian removal act -he wanted the indians to adopt whites way sand customs, but wanted whites to have the landwhat was the main goals of the Lewis and Clark expedition?To find an all water route to the pacific ocean