89 terms

Spanish 3 Unit 2

La cerámica
La escultura
El mural
La pintura
El autorretrato
Self- portrait
La naturaleza muerta
Still life
El retrato
La paleta
El pincel
El/ la escritor (-a)
El/ la escultor (-a)
El/ la poeta
Abstracto (-a)
To express (yourself)
Famoso (-a)
La figura
El fondo
La fuente de inspiración
Source of inspiration
La imagen
Influir (i -> y)
To influence
To inspire
La obra de arte
Work of art
El primer plano
To represent
El sentimiento
El siglo
El tema
El aplauso
La entrada
El escenario
El espectáculo
El micrófono
A través de
Mostrar (ue)
To show
Parado (-a)
To be standing
To stand up
Parecerse (a)
To look, seem (like)
El poema
To perform, to accomplish
La reseña
To be seated
Sonar (ue) (a)
To sound like
El taller
Volverse (ue)
To become
Clásico (-a)
El compás
En conjunto
La danza
La letra
La melodía
El movimiento
El paso
El ritmo
El tambor
La trompeta
To perform
To stand out
El entusiasmo
To exaggerate
El gesto
Identificarse con
To identify oneself with
La interpretación
To interpret
Estar + _____ -ado, -ido
Past participle form
Diego Velasquez
A Spanish painter under the king Felipe IV; his masterpiece was "LasMeninas", in 1656
Pablo Picasso; Cubism; Spanish War
The Spanish painter known as the father of ______, an art style where geometric figures are used; his painting "Guernica" shows how everyday people were affected by the _______ ____
Salvador Dalí; Surrealism
A very eccentric Spanish painter, who led the _________ movement (where art depicted imagination, dreams, and the subconscious); two of his paintings are 'Swans and Elephants', and 'The Persistence of Memory"
Joan Miró; abstract;
A Spanish painter who, though a surrealist, used a more _______ style than Dalí; for his art, he used bright colors and children's' toys
Fernando Botero; Columbia; fat
A painter and sculptor from _________ who lives in New York; his paintings used bright colors and usually had ___ people and objects
Diego Rivera
A Mexican muralist who often showed the working/ poor class in his art; he's helped to depict much of Mexico's history and culture
Frida Kahlo
The famous Mexican painter who was also the wife of Diego Rivera; her life was tragic following a car accident that left her in a wheelchair; she later got a divorce from Rivera
Hecho; dicho; escrito; vuelto; visto; puesto; muerto; abierto; roto; frito; descompuesto
Past participle form for: Hacer; decir; escribir; volver; ver; poner; morir; abrir; romper; freír; descomponer (to break down mechanically)
____(noun)___ + ser + más/ menos + adjective+ que+ ___(noun)____
_______ is _____er than ______
___(noun)___ + ser + tan + adjective+ como+ ____(noun)___
________ is as ____ as _______
___(noun)___ + tener+ tantos (-as) + ___(plural noun)___ + como + ___(noun___
________ has as many ____ as _______
___(noun)___ + ser + el/ la + más + adjective + de + ___(noun)___
________ is the ______est in the _______
De tin marín, de don pinqüe, cucara, macara, títere fue.
Yo no fui, fue téte, téte, pégale, pégale, que ella (quella) merito fue.
'Eenie- meenie- miney- mo' in Spanish
Flamenco; vest; white; red dresses; guitars; toes; Cameron de la Isla; Sara Baras; cantehundo; Gipsy Kings
A Spanish music genre that started south Spain with gypsies, and was related to the untouchables class; guys used to wear a tight suit or ___ or no shirt at all, while girls has a dress and chal; today, guys wear _____ suits while girls wear ___ _______; instruments include cypress wood ______ (made by hand) and list of voice; dance requires use of elbows and ____; _________ ___ __ _____ was a flamenco artist who made more than 12 albums; ____ _____, another famous Flamenco dancer, from Cadiz, used Cameron as a role model, but made her own style of flamenco; ___________ is deep singing/ yelling in flamenco; a US band with variations of flamenco is ______ ______
Reguetón (Regaton, Reggeton); rap; reggae; Panama; El General; fast; Daddy Yankee; krumping; San Juan; Gasolina; add rap onto old Spanish songs
A Spanish style of music originating in Puerto Rico; is a combination of ___ and _____ music; uses inappropriate language/ gestures; ______ first introduced reggae to rap artist __ _______; this style is popular with children; artists often dress like rappers, with large, loose, ugly clothes; instruments are guitar, voice, drum; melody is ____; one artist of it is _____ _______; "_______" is a break dance, introduced from hip- hop; regaton tries to express inner emotions; ____ ______ is a regaton artist whose famous song is '________'; these bands usually just ___________________
Salsa; African; singers; son; short; elegantly; mamba; comochachachá; Celia Cruz
A style of Spanish music that originated in Cuba (though controversy exists), and is a mix of _______ drums and Spanish ______; its very similar to Spanish folk music, ___; instruments include bongos, la quijada (think wooden frogs), drums, cowbell; women dress in _____ attire, and guys dress _________; 2 variations of it are ______ and _____________; very rapid beat/ dance; queen of salsa is ______ _____ (major icon), who sings in movies and plays a part in Cuban education
Tango; closed place; Portugal; milongo; Romanza; Canción; violin; accordeon; flute
A Spanish style of music from Argentina, carried over by African slaves, which integrated into the local culture; translates as "_______ _____"; was significant in ________; types are _______ (slow rhythm, large orchestra, famous singer is Carlos Gardel), ________ (romantic lyrics, famous singer is Juliode Caro), ______ (lyrics show hardships of slavehood in Argentina); instruments in it are _______, bandaneón (a small _________), bass, cello, accordion, piano, and ______
Mana; Sombrero Verde; Alex Gonzales; Falta Amor; Rayando
A famous Spanish singer; born in 1978; 1st album- __________ ______; joined band with ____ _________ when two members left it; first album in band was _____ ______, and a popular song in it was ________; played with Carlos Santana for first Latin Grammy's; made more albums, including Amar y Combatir and Drama y Luz
Julieta Venegas; Long Beach; Tijuana; Spanish; Aqui; Como Se; Limon y Sal; MTV Unplugged Award
Born in 1970, in _____ _______, CA; now lives in _______; is bilingual but only sings in ________; first album in 1997 was ____; song _____ __ won award for Best Female Interpretation; made the albums Bueninvento, Si, and _____ _ ___, the latter selling millions of copies in Mexico/ US; won ___ ________ _____ in 2010; in August, had daughter, Simona
Merengue; slaves; trumpet; Olga Tolñon
A type of Spanish music created in the Dominican Republic, in the 19th century; controversy over if _____ started it or not; has saxophone, tambora, accordion, _______, tuba, and trombone; famous artist of style was ____ ______
Quisiera darte el mundo entero,
La luna, el cielo, el sol y el mar
Regalarte las estrellas en una caja de cristal.
Llevarte al espacio Sideral
Y volar como lo hace Superman.
Espacio Sideral Lyrics, Verses 1 and 2
Quisiera ser un super héroe
Y protegerte contra el mal,
Regalarte la vía láctea en un plato de cereal.

Llevarte al espacio sideral
Y volar como lo hace Superman.
Espacio Sideral Lyrics, Verses 3 and 4
Me tienes tan debilitada
Todas mis fuerzas se me van si estas aquí
Y mis poderes no son nada
Me siento tan normal, tan frágil, tan real
Me elevas al espacio sideral...
Tal como lo hace Superman.
Espacio Sideral Lyrics, Main Chorus
Quisiera hacerte un gran poema
Y usar el cielo de papel,
Tomar las nubes como crema
Y hornearte un super pastel.
Llevarte al espacio Sideral
Y volar como lo hace Superman.
Me tienes tan debilitada
Todas mis fuerzas se me van si estas aquí
Y mis poderes no son nada
Me siento tan normal, tan frágil, tan real
Me elevas al espacio sideral...
Espacio Sideral Lyrics, Verses 5 and 6 + chorus again
Me tienes tan enamorada
Todas mis fuerzas se me van si estás aquí
Y mis poderes no son nada
Me siento tan normal, tan frágil, tan real
Me siento tan normal, tan frágil, tan real
Me elevas al espacio Sideral...
Tal como lo hace Superman...
Espacio Sideral Lyrics, Ending