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family was large, and had spaghetti every night, and helped others in need,


family lived in East end; Hester, Lester, and Amanda were their children


an old baseball player who took Jeffery in and became his friend


family lived in West End, were unkind, and planned a war against the East Enders

Mars Bar

could jive his way into traffic and stop it with a look

Uncle Dan and Aunt Dot

Jeffery's aunt and uncle who took him in when his parents died

Trolley Driver

was drunk and caused a crash into the water below the Skullykill Bridge

Russell and Piper

were the children Maniac tried to keep in school

Butterscotch Krimpets

Jeffery's favorite snack food


the children in both West End were afraid to go into this yard

Jerry Spenelli

wrote Maniac Magee


Jeffery desperately wanted a home with this to call his own

Valley Forge

Jeffery imagined George Washington's troops as he lay delirious in a cabin here


Piper and Russell planned to run away here

Cobble's Grocery Store

Jeffery untied the knot here


Jeffery's best friend and became part of her family, finally


Jeffery loved to lick this from Mrs. Beale's finger

Fish Belly go home

was written on the Beale's house when Jeffery lived there

buffalo pen

After Jeffery left the Beale's, he slept at the zoo here

East End

black families lived here

West End

White families lived here

A band shell

Grayson and Jeffery lived here

Mars Bar

rescued Russell from the railroad trestle


what Maniac was allergic to

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