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15 terms

Geometry Vocab Set 2 PROOFS

statement of fact assumed without proof
statement of fact proved to be true
reflexive property
any quantity is equal to itself
symmetrical property
a quantity can have reversed order
transitive property
if two quantities are equal to the same quantity then they are equal to each other
substitution postulate
any quantity can be replaced by its equal in any expression
partition postulate
the whole amount is equal to the sum of its parts
addition postulate
if equal quantities are added to equal quantities, their sums are equal
subtraction postulate
if equal quantities are subtracted from equal quantities, their differences are equal
negate the hypothesis & conclusion
switch the order
switch the order and negate the statement
line segment drawn from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side
line segment drawn from a vertex perpindicular to the opposite side
angle bisector
line segment drawn from a vertex so that is bisects the angle from where its drawn