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Why would you want to store or save the work you create on the computer?

storage technology

when you store your work on the computer, you save it using _______ __________.


what is an expample of a common electronic device that uses a data storage system to store and play music and video?

storage medium storage device

what are the 2 parts to a data storage system?

hard drive, tape, memory card, CD, DVD, other technology

Give 6 examples of storage medium?

hard drives, card readers, tape drives, CD drives, DVD drives, flash drives, solid state drives, and zipdrives

name 8 storage devices:

internal hard

all computers come with an ________ ____ drive


can you connect different types storage devices to a comp?

hard drives

example of storage devices that provide fast access to data


exples of storage devices that are more dependable than others

flash drives

example of storage devices that are portable and can be moved easily from on computer to another


when you are writing a report using a comp program such as a word processor, where is your work temporarily stored?


Is Ram permanent?


A ____ is what you create when you save your work to a storage medium.

writing or saving

what command do you use to save your work as a file?

writing saving

when you save a file to a storage medium, the storage device is _______ or ______ to the storage medium.

reading loading opening

when you want to retrieve data, the storage device is _______, _______or ________ a file.


after the storage device reads the file on the storage medium, the info is loaded into _____.


Once the file is ______, it is open and ready for use.

system unit

what part of a desktop comp system has "parking spaces" for storage devices?


how many drive bays do notebook comps generally have?


a notebook comp can also have a ________ bay for changing devices

inside and out of the system unit

where are drives located?

how many drive bays are there?
what kinds of storage devices can be connected to it?

What are 2 good questions to ask about storage when buying a comp?

face plate

Expansion bays are usually hidden from view with a ____ _____.

must be able to be accessed from outside the system unit

if a drive is mounted inside the system unit and uses removable media or is controlled manually by pushing a button or inserting media into a slot, what must happen?

magnetic optical solid state

List the 3 types of storage technologies commonly used for personal computers

versatility durability speed capacity access

what 5 criteria should be applied when deciding which storage technology system is best to suit your needs?

random and sequential

what are the 2 types of access by which storage devices retrieve data?

direct access

what is another name for random access?

hard drive solid state CD DVD drives

name 4 random access storage devices?

tape drive

name a sequential access storage device?


which is faster access: random or sequential


access time for random access storage devices is measured in _______


whereas, access time for sequential storage devices is measured in ____________

speed difficulty

what are 2 factors to take into account when considering access speed?


in what measurement is data transfer rate?

kilobytes megabytes terabytes gigabytes

storage capacity is measured in _________, _________, _________, or _________ for personal computers.

graphics and video

which requires more storage capacity: text such as in letters and reports or graphics and video?

hard drive storage tape storage

what 2 storage technologies are classified as magnetic storage?

0s 1s

with magnetic storage, patterns of magnetized particles are interpreted as the __ and __ that represent data.


can data stored magnetically be changed of deleted?

this feature of magnetic storage provides fexibility for editing data and reusing areas of a storage medium containing data that is no longer needed

the fact that data stored magnetically can be change or deleted is an advantage to this type of storage. Why?

not durable loses magnetic charge, results in lost data

what are 2 disadvantages of a magnetic storage?

in a protective case

how is magnetic media generally stored to avoid damaging the surface?

CD DVD storage media

name 2 storage media that are examples of optical storage technology and also are removable storage media

low power laser light

what is used to read the data stored on an optical disk?

1s 0s

the patterns of light and dard spots on an optical disk are interpreted as __ and __ which represent data.

transportable environmentally friendly versatile durable

Give 4 reasons why you would choose to use optical media?

special handling

what is a requirement for CDs and DVDs to insure their durability?

memory cards, memory pens, memory sticks

Give 4 examples of solid state technology

fast access to data little power is required durability portability versatility

List 5 advantages of solid state storage devices

doesn't match the capacity of hard drives

what is currently a disadvantage of solid state storage?


a draw back of some storage devices is the inability to access data from more than one type of storage medium. the versatile ___ drive can access data from DvDs, DVD movies, audio CDs, data CDs, and CD-Rs.

so, you will be able to carry it with you

why is durability of a storage device or media so important?


which storage technology is most susceptible to data loss as a result of heat and moisture- magnetic optical, or solid state?

solid state

which storage devices are currently the most durable?

hard drive

a personal comp always includes this storage device:

provids abundant economical storage capacity
provides faster access to files

what are 2 key advantages of hard drives over other storage technologies?

internal removable external

in regard to location, where can hard drives be?

hard drive hard disk drive

what are 2 other names by which hard drives are ofthen referred to as?

provide lots of storage capacity provide fast access to files economical

list the 3 reasons that make hard drives the preferred type of main storage for most comp systems:


what is the cost of storing 40 megabytes (approx. 40 million bytes) of data?

platters read-write heads

a hard drive has on or more ________ along with their __________ heads.

data storage

more platters mean more ____ _______ capacity.

spindle 1000s

platters rotate as a unit on a _______ making _____ of rotations per minute.


Each platter has a __________ that hovers over the surface to read data.

inside the drive case or cartridge to screen out dust and other contaminents

where are the hard drive platters and read-write heads located and why are they located there?

Ipods, DVRs

what other types of devices use hard drives besides personal comps?


Do comps and Ipods use the same hard drive technology?

physical size

what is the major difference in comp and ipod hard drives?

3 and one half "

Describe the approxiamate size and capacity of a personal comp hard drive:


what are miniature hard drives (such as for an ipod) usually called?

1.8 "

describe the approximate size of an ipod hard drive?

access time rotation speed

list the 2 factors that determine how fast data is available for use from a hard drive?

tracks sectors

hard drive platters on which data is written are divided into ______ and _______


what part is the basic storage unit of a hard drive?


data is stored to the same track and sector location on all platters in the cylinder before moving the read-write head to a new sector. true or false


the ______ a drive spins, the more rapidly it can position the head over specific data.

revolutions per minute

hard drive speed is measured in ___ which stands for ___________ ___ ______


access time is measured in ____________


the faster the data is ________, the sooner you see you info on the screen.


what is the circuit board in a hard drive called?

positions the disk locates data interfaces with components on the system board

what are the functions (in order as they happen) of the controller? (3)

disk drives

____ _____ are classified according to their controllers.


list 4 popular types of drive controllers?


do comp ads usually state the specs for controllers in their ads?


do you usually have a choice of which controller type you can have for your hard drive?


can you add a second hard drive to your comp?


a second hard drive can be used to ______ your primary device.

inexpensive easy installation

list 2 advantages of internal hard drives in desktop comp systems:

storage capacity security for data

list 2 advantages of removable hard drives:


can the data on an internal hard drive and the data on an external hard drive be accessed at the same time?


which of the types of hard drives is the most expensive?


how do external hard drives connect to a desktop or notebook computer?

not as durable as many other storage technologies

what is the durability of hard drives in comparison to other storage technologies?

head crash

what is it called when a hard drive fails to operate properly?

run into a dust particle jarred while it is inuse

give 2 common reasons a head crash might occur on a hard drive

no sometimes it only damages some

does a head crash always damage all the data on a hard disk?

sealed in a case

how is the hard drive protected?

handle with care transport with care

list 2 things you can do to protext your data on your hard drive?

tape drive tape

other info: with tape storage technology, a ____ _____ is used for the storage device and a ____ is the storage medium.

tape cartridges

what do most personal comps used as the most popular type of tape storage?

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