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  1. significant other
  2. midlife crisis
  3. sandwich generation
  4. life course approach
  5. self
  1. a those individuals who are most important in the development of self
  2. b a distinct identity that sets us apart from others
  3. c a stressful period of self-evaluation that begins at about age 40
  4. d a research orientation in which sociologists and other social scientists look closely at the social factors that influence people throughout their lives, from birth to death
  5. e the generation of adults who simultaneously try to meet the competing needs of their parents and their children

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  1. a ritual marking the symbolic transition from one social position to another
  2. perspective of social interactions that people are performers in action
  3. a person's typical pattern of attitudes, needs, characteristics, and behavior
  4. an institution that regulates all aspects of a person's life under a single authority, such as a prison, the military, a mental hospital, or a convent
  5. the attitudes, viewpoints, and expectations of a society as a whole that a child takes into account in his or her behavior

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  1. looking-glass selfCooley's phrase to emphasize that the self is the product of our social interactions


  2. anticipatory socializationprocesses of socialization in which a person rehearses for future positions, occupations, and social relationships


  3. degradation ceremonyan aspect of the socialization process within some total institutions, in which people are subjected to humiliating rituals


  4. role takinga person's typical pattern of attitudes, needs, characteristics, and behavior


  5. gender roleexpectations regarding the proper behavior, attitudes, and activities of males and females