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  1. force
  2. evaporation
  3. 3/4
  4. nimbus
  5. quicker
  1. a how much the earth is covered by water
  2. b a rain or storm cloud
  3. c the process by which liquid water to water vapor
  4. d heat causes the water to move more
  5. e a push or pull on an object

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  1. process of changing water vapor(gas) back to a liquid water
  2. frozen raindrops that have been blown back into the cloud to form more frozen layers
  3. a large body of air that has the same tempature and humidity
  4. the force which draws things down toward the center of the Earth
  5. the amount of water vapor in the air

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  1. snowfrozen water vapor formed in clouds


  2. solidsa push or pull on an object


  3. matteranything that has weight and takes up space


  4. moleculesmolecules are packed close together


  5. heatsupplies the energy in steam