Spanish 2A vocab for exam

If you know all these phrases well, you should be successful reading and processing the stories on the final exam for Spanish 2A... study up!

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había una chica llamada Perla
there was a girl called Perla
ella fue a la tienda
she went to the store
él le dio (a ella)
he gave to her
ella le dio (a él)
she gave to him
le importaba a Perla
it mattered to Perla
le faltaba a Perla
Perla was missing (it was lacking to Perla)
quería tener
wanted to have
pensaba que era muy guapo
he thought he was very handsome
pensaba que era muy bonita
she thought she was very pretty
le pidió la mano
he asked for her hand (proposed to her)
sin dinero
without money
ella se quedó
she stayed
ella volvió a casa
she returned home
ella conoció a Miguel
she met Miguel
ella viajó a un lugar fantástico
she traveled to a fantastic place
I traveled
you (familiar) traveled
we traveled
y'all (my friends in Spain) traveled
they (or you guys) traveled
estaban de vacaciones
they were on vacation
el gato se cayó en la piscina
the cat fell in the pool
les invitaron a Europa
they invited them to Europe
lo rescataron
they rescued him
la rescataron
they rescued her
pagaron la cuenta
they paid the bill
they came
se subieron al avión
they boarded the plane (got selves up into)
me subí al avión
I boarded the plane (got myself up into)
volaron a España
they flew to Spain
volaste a Francia
you (familiar) flew to France
ganaron la lotería
they won the lottery
gané la lotería
I won the lottery
ella siempre ganaba la lotería
she always won the lottery
they ate dinner
ella cenó
she ate dinner
se despidieron de mí
they said goodbye to (dismissed selves from) me
Armando se despidió de ella
Armando said goodbye to (dismissed himself from) her
conocieron a Ricardo
they met Ricardo
conocimos a Oprah
we met Oprah
de todos modos
tenían ganas de viajar
they had the urge to travel
tengo ganas de comer pan
I have the urge to eat bread
teníamos ganas de volar a España
we had the urge to fly to Spain
no pude encontrarlo
I couldn't find him or it
no pude encontrarla
I couldn't find her or it
te molesta
it is bothersome to you
me molesta
it is bothersome to me
se pelean
they fight (each other)
nos peleamos
we fight (each other)
he perdido
I have lost
he bailado
I have danced
he viajado
I have traveled
he comido
I have eaten
lo devuelvo
I return it (give it back)
los devuelvo
I return them (give them back)
lo guardarías
you would keep it
me guardarías
you would keep me
nos molesta
it is bothersome to us
le molesta (a ella)
it is bothersome to her
les molesta
it is bothersome to them