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Nursing Process: Diagnosing NCLEX Practice Questions

The purpose of diagnosing is to identify:
- How an individual, group, or community responds to actual or potential health and life processes
- Factors that contribute to or cause health problems (etiologies)
- Strengths the patient can draw on to prevent or resolve problems
The terms diagnose and diagnosis have legal implications. They imply that there is a specific problem that requires management by a qualified expert. Which of the following statements is false?
When nurses diagnose a medical problem, they are just as accountable as physicians for detecting, identifying, and managing the signs and symptoms of disease.
Which was teh first state to identify diagnosing as part of the legal domain of professional nursing?
New York
Which group is responsible for the promotion and organization of activities to continue the development, classification, and scientific testing of nursing diagnoses?
North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA)
Altered health maintenance is an example of which of the following types of problems?
Nursing Problem, because it describes a problem that can be treated by nurses within the scope of independent nursing practice.
To determine the significance of a blood pressure that reads 148/100, it is first necessary for the nurse to do which of the following?
Compare this reading to standards.
When the initial nursing assessment revealed that the patient had not had a bowel movement for 2 days, the student wrote the diagnostic label "constipation." Which of the following comments is she most likely to hear from her instructor?
"Hold on a minute...nursing diagnoses should always be derived from clusters of significant data rather than from a single cue."
A clinical judgment that an individual, family, or community is more vulnerable to develop the problem than others in the same or similar situation is what type of nursing diagnosis?
Which of the following nursing diagnoses are correctly written as two-part nursing diagnoses?
- Ineffective Coping related to inability to maintain marriage.
- Defensive Coping related to loss of job and economic security.
- Altered Thought Process related to panic state.
- Decisional Conflict related to placement of parent in nursing home.
Which of the following nursing diagnoses are correctly written as three-part nursing diagnoses?
-Imbalanced Nutrition: Less Than Body Requirements related to inadequate caloric intake while striving to excel in gymnastics as evidenced by 20-pound weight loss since beginning the gymnastic program, and greatly less than ideal body weight when compared to standard weight height charts.
- Spiritual Distress related to inability to accept diagnosis of terminal illness as evidenced by multiple comments such as "How could God do this to me?", I don't deserve this", etc.