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  1. subduction
  2. water erosion
  3. formal region
  4. character of a place
  5. perceptual region
  1. a moving water that wears away at rock; water and sediment, coastal erosion, river erosin ex:grand canyon, precipitation, creates deltas
  2. b defined by people's feelings and attitudes about a place (the south)
  3. c landforms, ecosystems, climate, language, religions, economic systems
  4. d two plates come together and one sinks under the other; continental/oceanic or oceanic/oceanic; earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, tsunamis
  5. e area in which certain characteristics are found throughout that area (countries/states)

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  1. where something is situated
  2. how long does it take for earth to complete one revolution?
  3. small scale maps show _________ detail
  4. occurs over a short period of time
  5. found in cold regions

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  1. erosionthe earth spins on its axis.


  2. 23 1/2 degreestilt of earths axis


  3. convectioncauses plates to move


  4. divergenttwo continental plates collide; earthquakes and mountains occur


  5. atmospheresurface features (soil, landforms)