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  1. greater
  2. movement
  3. solstice
  4. compass rose, key/legend, scale
  5. coniferous forest
  1. a most maps have:
  2. b places exist with each other, constantly interacting
  3. c have needles that enable them to survive winters
  4. d large scale maps show _______ detail
  5. e when the sun appears directly overhead the tropics of cancer and capricorn

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  1. causes plates to move
  2. theory that there was once a supercontinent that broke up into separate continents(pangaea)
  3. tilt of earths axis
  4. receives small amount of rainfall; examples: gobe and sahara
  5. _______ of people, goods, and ideas

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  1. sonarcenter of the earth; mainly iron and some nickel, solid inner core and liquid outer core


  2. mechanical weatheringthe breakdown of rock at or near the earth's surface into smaller pieces


  3. coresize of map in relation to the rest of the real world


  4. locationwhere something is situated


  5. absolute locationheat energy caused when material is heated (expands and rises) then cools( and falls)