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  1. convergent
  2. formal region
  3. savanna
  4. 24 hours
  5. glacial erosion
  1. a huge sheets of ice that move carrying dirt, rocks, and boulders. ex: valleys lakes great lakes and ridges
  2. b part of grasslands ecosystem; found in warm areas near the equator
  3. c two continental plates collide; earthquakes and mountains occur
  4. d how long does it take for earth to complete one rotation?
  5. e area in which certain characteristics are found throughout that area (countries/states)

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  1. changes the chemical composition of rock. ex: acid rain, carbon dioxide mixed with water creates acid that eats away at rock
  2. places exist with each other, constantly interacting
  3. earth's layers
  4. atmosphere acts as a greenhouse; holds in sun's heat for life on earth
  5. when the sun appears directly overhead the tropics of cancer and capricorn

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  1. deciduous forestshed their leaves during one season


  2. compass rosefound in areas of arcitc tundra, parts of the soil just under the surface stays permanently frozen


  3. greaterlarge scale maps show _______ detail


  4. relative locationits relation compared to other places


  5. seafloor spreadingdiscovered rocks in the ocean much younger than rocks found on continents


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