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  1. latitude
  2. mantle
  3. formal region
  4. less
  5. relative location
  1. a its relation compared to other places
  2. b longitude or latitude? has more significance when it comes to climate
  3. c area in which certain characteristics are found throughout that area (countries/states)
  4. d small scale maps show _________ detail
  5. e thick layer of rock around the core, 1,800 miles

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  1. discovered rocks in the ocean much younger than rocks found on continents
  2. two plates slide against each other; earthquakes and faults occur
  3. two continental plates collide; earthquakes and mountains occur
  4. interaction of plants animals and the environment
  5. its position on the globe

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  1. wind erosionwind picks up and carries soil/sand/etc.; wears away at rock and brings new materials; causes sandstorms and soil erosion


  2. locationwhere something is situated


  3. chemical weatheringchanges the chemical composition of rock. ex: acid rain, carbon dioxide mixed with water creates acid that eats away at rock


  4. biomecenter of the earth; mainly iron and some nickel, solid inner core and liquid outer core


  5. character of a placelandforms, ecosystems, climate, language, religions, economic systems