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  1. forest grasslands desert tundra
  2. less
  3. core
  4. formal region
  5. GIS
  1. a area in which certain characteristics are found throughout that area (countries/states)
  2. b uses computer technology to collect, manipulate, analyze and display data about earths surface; layer data to solve problems
  3. c center of the earth; mainly iron and some nickel, solid inner core and liquid outer core
  4. d small scale maps show _________ detail
  5. e types of ecosystems

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  1. places exist with each other, constantly interacting
  2. earth is constantly moving in relation to the sun
  3. when the sun appears directly overhead the equator
  4. shed their leaves during one season
  5. long-term weather patterns

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  1. mantlethick layer of rock around the core, 1,800 miles


  2. arctic and alpinetypes of tundra


  3. sound navigation and rangingsonar


  4. key/legendthe breakdown of rock at or near the earth's surface into smaller pieces


  5. regionthe movement of weathered material (gravel, soil, sand, etc.)