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  1. savanna
  2. biome
  3. lithosphere
  4. climate
  5. transform
  1. a part of grasslands ecosystem; found in warm areas near the equator
  2. b two plates slide against each other; earthquakes and faults occur
  3. c surface features (soil, landforms)
  4. d major type of ecosystem found in certain regions
  5. e long-term weather patterns

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  1. physical and human characteristics (place)
  2. rocky surface layer 5-23 miles
  3. earth is constantly moving in relation to the sun
  4. discovered rocks in the ocean much younger than rocks found on continents
  5. GIS

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  1. character of a placeforces that shape landforms


  2. wind erosionwind picks up and carries soil/sand/etc.; wears away at rock and brings new materials; causes sandstorms and soil erosion


  3. water erosionmoving water that wears away at rock; water and sediment, coastal erosion, river erosin ex:grand canyon, precipitation, creates deltas


  4. GISrocky surface layer 5-23 miles


  5. regionthe movement of weathered material (gravel, soil, sand, etc.)