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  1. location, place, regions, movement, human-environment interaction
  2. human-environment interaction
  3. convergent, divergent, subduction, transform
  4. erosion
  5. tundra
  1. a 5 themes of geography
  2. b found in cold regions
  3. c examine how people use and change their environment, and what effect the environment has on human life and activity
  4. d types of plate boundaries
  5. e the movement of weathered material (gravel, soil, sand, etc.)

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  1. part of grasslands ecosystem; found in warm areas near the equator
  2. where something is situated
  3. two plates slide against each other; earthquakes and faults occur
  4. layer of air, water, and other substances about the surface
  5. more dense then continental plates

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  1. seasonssize of map in relation to the rest of the real world


  2. biospherewater in oceans, lakes, etc


  3. plate tectonicsmoving water that wears away at rock; water and sediment, coastal erosion, river erosin ex:grand canyon, precipitation, creates deltas


  4. relative locationits relation compared to other places


  5. arctic tundramountains/ high elevation


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