23 terms

CPES-unit 2

drip irrigation
tubing along grounds-holes in tubing at the base of crops
Protective ground cover that protects the soil, saves water, and prevents weed growth.
water stored beneath the Earth's surface
underground zone of earth where groundwater can be obatined
ground level is sinking down
removing salt from the water
gases and silica
two major ingredients that determine the type of eruption
dormant volcano
inactive but hot long enough to determine whether they'll erupt again
extinct volcano
always inactive
active volcano
erupts constantly
intermittent volcano
erupts fairly regularly
strip mining
Form of surface mining in which bulldozers, power shovels, or stripping wheels remove large chunks of the earth's surface in strips.
mt top removal
blows off top of mts with explosives
open pit
large mine; out in the open
underground pit
subsurface mining
igneous rock
formed from hot molten rock produced by volcanic activity
Extrusive igneous rocks
formed through cooling and hardening on the earth's surface
sedimentary rock
formed by mineral and rock fragments that settle out of water, glaciers, or that collects through the action of wind
metamorphic rock
has been transformed by heat and pressure
plates move apart
plates come together
plates slide past each other; up and down
sea floor spreading
lava cools and attaches to the edges of each plate