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Quiz #2

What is the primary psychoactive chemical in marijuana?


Are there other chemicals in marijuana?

400 other chemicals in the plant, 60 of them being psychoactive; Cannaninol and Cannabidol

What are the different routes of absorption for THC?

Inhalation (smoking& vaporizing) and oral (edibles)

What are some differences between the different routes of absorption?

Inhalation: enters the lunges, heart and brain directly. Takes about 10 minutes to kick in; Orally: takes about an hour to two hours to kick in, but the high last much longer

What type of receptors does THC bind to in the brain?

Cannabinoid receptors (AKA anandamide receptors), found in the pre-synaptic membranes of terminal buttons, and Opioid receptors

How is THC metabolized?

THC is metabolized by the liver

Is there anything unique about the metabolism of THC compared to other drugs we have discussed?

It can stay in your system longer than most drugs and can be stored in fat cells, making it harder to exit one's body; the first metabolite that is metabolize is active. It can do many things and the brain and cause the high.
The second metabolite is inactive. Drug tests detect the second metabolite

Is it easy to overdose and die on marijuana or LSD?

No, it's extremely unlikely

Of the different forms of marijuana which have the highest and lowest concentrations of THC?

Hashish oil/ crystals would have the highest 15-60%;
sinsemilla: up to 15% (it's sticky)
Marijuana & bhang would have the lowest up to 10% THC (average is 4-6%)

What is the amotivational syndrome?

apathetic / loss in motivation; Indifference to long range plans

What are some physical side effects associated with chronic marijuana use?

Cardiovascular problems, pulmonary problems (can affect your lungs due to the carcinogen, benzopyrene) and withdrawal symptoms: irritability, depression and insomnia; reduction in testosterone levels in men, which affect the sperm formation. As for women, there is a reduction in 2 horomones, lutenizing horomone (responsible for planting the egg in uterus) and follicular horomone (responsible for the stimulating egg growth in the ovaries)

How does smoking marijuana compare to tobacco in terms of health risks?

Smoking marijuana can cause an accumulation of tar in one's lungs; a lack of a filter on joints, 1 joint= 5 cigarettes in the amount of carbon monoxide, 1 joint = 10 cigarettes in terms of microscopic lung damage; Marijuana contains the same amount of benzopyrene (carcinogen) as cigarettes but there is no direct link between marijuana and cancer

Why do some people consider marijuana to be a gateway drug? Why do others argue that it is not?

They think marijuana a gateway drug b/c most people who do harder drugs like heroin and cocaine have tried marijuana in their lives. However, some argue it is not b/c there are many people who smoke marijuana regularly and have not tried/are not addicted to harder drugs.

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