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A word having the same or almost the same meaning as some other.


put into words or an expression


feature that allows you to search for words with a similar meaning.


a special character that does not appear on the keyboard.

Quick Part

a predefined text, a symbol, or formatting that you can quickly insert in your document.


join or attach text from one location to another.


selecting the text, holding down the left mouse button, and dragging the mouse where you want to move the text.


used to remove a word from your document.


creating an exact duplicate without destroying the original.

Content control

a specific text field in the document.


can store up to 24 cut or copied entries.

Business letter

a formal letter written by a company or an individual on a business -related subject.

Building block

texts, images, and special formats that are used frequently.


a feature that automatically corrects common spelling errors.


a formatted guide that can help you create documents.

Go To command

use to find specific parts of your document. Tells Word to go to individual pages, tables, or sections.

Find and Replace dialog box

used to replace text in your document by keying the word that you want to replace and the word that should replace it.

Envelopes and Labels dialog box

used to create an envelope automatically using and address in a document.

Research task pane

allows you to search online or offline for information.

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