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World Civ. Ch 13 Sec. 4

4 seperate countries with one government
england, wales, scotland, northern ireland
official name of 4 countries
united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
island group that the united kingdom is on
british isles
geographical name of group of islands
year that western roman enpire falls
450 AD
2 germanic tribes that enter england
angles and saxons
angles and saxons unite to form...
name of land of anglo-saxons
land of the angles
3 kingdoms
northumbria, mercia, and wessex
name that 3 kingdoms are divided into
people who shires are ruled by (present day word)
shire-reeve (sheriff)
ruler of wessex
alfred the great
alfred's goal
to eliminate the vikings from england
plan used by alfred to get rid of Danes
make temporary peace for 5 years, build army and navy, and attack
length of time that aflred and vikings fight
10 years
land that danes settle in after loosing to alfred
northumbria and mercia
alfred's contribution
establish schools
language that alfred translated books to and from
from latin to anglo-saxon (based on a germanic language)
history of england for the next 250 years
anglo-saxon chronicle
king who controlled england, denmark, norway, and parts of sweden
king canute of denmark
reason edward the confessor was crowned king
canute's sons proved themselves to be weak rulers
edwards parents were half...
anglo saxon and norman
place edward rebuilds
westminstere abbey
two men who claim the throne after edward
harold godwinson and william of normandy
harold godwinson
son of the earl of wessex, edward's brother in law, supported by saxon nobles, becomes king
william of normandy
promised the throne, distant relative of edward, supported by pope
last successful invasion of england
battle of hastings
date of battle of hastings
two people who fight at the battle of hastings
william invades england by crossing the english channel and fights harold
one of two english kings who go on battle field and dies
harold godwinson
king after harold godwinson and why
king william 1st because harold's troops weakened from fights with danes
another name for william the first
william the conqueror
length and description of bayeaux tapestry
230 ft by 20 in. depicts events leading up to and including the norman invasion
william the first
brings feudalism from mainland europe to england through modified version
modified version of feudalism
king held all authority and lords were vassals to the king
causes beginnnings of centralized government
modified feudalism
people who swear allegiance to kings
feudal lords
book to keep track of all people, property, ect. for tax purposes
doomsday book
consequence if people disagreed with william the first
land taken from english nobles and given to norman knights
the actions that took place in order to "Normanize" the english communities
fill positions in government and church with people from normandy
youngest son of william and successor
henry the first
what does henry I establish to do what
department of exchequer to handle finances
how is kings power increased under henry I's rule
organized a kings court and traveling judges instead of feudal courts
who has wars against nobles in franace and what feeling does it cause
henry I and creates feeling of nationalism
henry II was henry I's (son/grandson)
what was special about henry II's mom
she was in line for the english throne
henry II's system to help increase noble power
allows nobles to pay king a fee instead of serving in the military. could hire an army rather than rely on nobles to serve him
regions for judges
handle civil cases
petit juries
submit names of accused or suspects to judges
grand juries
said he had the right to try clergy in courts when needed
henry II
archbishop of cantebury
thomas beckett
refuses to allow clergy to be tried in kings courts
thomas beckett
who was thomas beckett murdered by
fouur of the king's knights
actions taken by henry II after thomas becketts death
gives penance, and gives up plans to minimize the power of the church
henry II's wife and number of kids they had
eleanor of aquitaine; 8
eleanor's first husband
king louis VII of France
years eleanor was put on house arrest and by whom
15; henry II
wealthiest and most powerful woman in middle ages`
eleanor of aquitaine
one of england's worst kings
king john
magna carta
great charter
magna carta stated:
taxes could not be raised without consent of the great council; establishes due process; limits power of the king; sets up a council of advisors to the king
great council
the magna carta only applied to:
the nobles
comes after magna carta
parliment amd the start of representative government AND the growth of common law
common law based on:
customs and judges decisions rather than written statutes
an outgrowth of meetings between nobles, clergy, and middle class people
noble who led a revolt against henry III in 1260 and throught involving the middle classes would benefit his causee
Simon de Montfort
two houses that emerge
house of lords and house of commons
divided courts into three parts
common law
one of englands greatest kings
king edward I
tried tax causes and kept track of the kings financial records
couurt of exchequer
heard civil cases
couurt of common pleas
trials that involved the king or the government
court of the king's bench
begins capetian line and picked by
hugh capet (king of france); picked by nobles
how long do capetians rule
300 years
what did hugh rule?
rest of land that fuedal lords ruled under capetian rule
goal of capetians
unite duchies and form a strong central government that the kings would control AND for capetian kings to take back land owned in france by english (phillip II)
plans to expand (capetian)
capetian kings marry to secure lands via dowries and fiefdoms
capetians extend what in royal courts
what cases the courts were allowed to hear (takes away from church courts)
highest of royal courts; becomes a supreme court for all purposes
parliament of paris
tries to tax clergy and influences pick of another pope
phillip IV
pope that protests because of attempted tax on clergy
pope boniface VII
representative body made up of 3 social classes and gains support of chcurch
estates general
when capetian rulers die out, ______ come to power