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Geometry Vocab Chap. 1

If the non-common sides of two adjacent angles form opposite rays, then the angles are called...
Two angles that are opposite 2 intersecting lines are called...
vertical angles
If point R is any point on the perpendicular bisector of MN, then RM= RN based on...
perpendicular bisector of a segment
If two segments have the same length, then the two segments are congruent by the...
segment congruence postulate
If two angles have the same measure, then the two angles are congruent by the...
angle congruence postulate
If point X is any point on the angle bisector of angle ABC, then point X is ___________ from the sides AB and BC of the angle based on ________________.
equidistant, bisector conjecture
A and B are on plane R. The set of all points on R that are equidistant from points A and B must lie on...
The perpendicular bisector of line AB
Reflex angle
a measure that completes the 360 degree angle in an angle