The Martian: Chapter 1-15 test study guide

Mark Watney
Who is the protagonist of The Martian?
Andy Weir
Who is the author of The Martian?
Ares 3
What is the name of the space mission that Mark and his team are embarking on?
What is the name of the ship that Mark and his team use to get to Mars?
Sol 6
What is the first Sol that The Martian starts with?
Mars Ascent Vehicle
What does the term MAV stand for?
Mars Descent Vehicle
What does the term MDV stand for?
According to Mark, what piece of equipment was "the most important piece of advance supplies"?
Which piece of equipment is in constant contact with Houston?
Ion engines
The ship Hermes is powered by what type of engines?
What piece of equipment has the sole purpose of getting humans from a planet's orbit to the surface?
Commander Melissa Lewis
Who is the leader of the Ares 3 mission to Mars, loves "disco" and Three's Company, and a Navy veteran?
How many people are there in Mark's team?
The antennae
What part of the main communications dish injures mark in the accident?
Mark eats a ______ portion per meal.
Botanist and engineer
What were Mark's occupations on earth, besides being an astronaut?
undergrad, Chicago
Mark got his __________ degree at the University of ________.
How many EVA suits does Mark Watney have?
92 square meters
How many meters of crop-able soil does he initially use in the Hab?
According to Mark Watney, Mars is covered with _____% carbon dioxide.
Mar's atmosphere is too thin, being less than ____% of Earth's atmosphere.
Mark initially plans to use how much of the soil?
hydrazine, N2, H2
In Mark's plan to manually make water, he plans to burn ________ to turn it into _____ and _____.
What, according to Mark, is a big box of plutonium?
Radioisotope thermoelectric generator
What does RTG stand for?
The RTG houses the plutonium, catches the radiation in the form of heat, and turns it into__________.
Sirius 4 is Mark's trip to this probe.
What is the shape of the RTG?
Sirius 1
Which Sirius mission involves Mark using the rover to see how far he would get with fully charged batteries and solar cells?
Mark plans to burn the hydrazine over what type of catalyst?
What type of plutonium does the RTG store?
Teddy Sanders
Who is the administrator of NASA?
Venkat Kapoor
Who is the director of Mars operations?
13, 12
The RTG cuts the rover's total recharging time from ___ hours to ___ hours.
Annie Montrose
Who is the director of media relations?
Mindy Park
Who is the one that discovers that Mark is alive on Mars?
Mindy Park works at what company?
Once Mark finds Pathfinder, he plans to bring both it and this rover back with him for repairs. (Provide the name of the rover).
Acidalia Planitia
What is the name of the plain where the Hab is located?
Pathfinder lost contact in what year?
Finish the quote: " The Pathfinder mission ended because the _______ had an unknown critical failure".
40 amp-hour Ag-Zn, 1.5
What type of battery does the lander have? What is the voltage?
The seventies
Commander Lewis, according to Mark, has tons of "tripe" from this decade.
Sol 82
In which Sol does Mark reach Pathfinder?
Ares Vallis
In which Mars plain is Pathfinder?
100 kilometers
On Sol 80, how far is Mark from Pathfinder?
Sirius 4
Which Sirius mission is a 20 day journey to Pathfinder?
1,1, Acidalia Planitia
Both NASA and Mark could only send __ message in ___ hour, only when _________ ________ faces Earth.
What ways do computers manage characters?
NASA decides to ______ the rover Sojourner to talk to Pathfinder.
Insulation, 2
Mark resolves to use the RTG as _________ for Rover ___.
Mark increases his crop-able soil from 92 square meters to ____ square meters.
Hexedit, 141
In order to ensure success in Mark's communication with NASA, he is to launch "________" on the rover's computer. He will open the given file, replace the bytes there with a ____ byte sequence that NASA will send him.
1500, 100, MAV
The RTG can produce almost ______ watts of heat and ______ watts of electricity when used for the _____.
Mark transcribes 141 random bytes, ___ of a byte at a time.
To preserve the water that he has
Why does Mark initially decide it best to preserve only 2/3 of the soil?
What does Mark see is the best food to make calories with?
From the potatoes alone, in 400 days Mark could have a grand total of ________ calories alone.
Rover, Pathfinder
Once Mark executes the patch sent to him by NASA on the _____, and reboots it, the probe ____________ will rebroadcast that patch, and a connection will be made.
Venkat Kapoor
Who convinces NASA not to tell the rest of Ares 3 that Mark is alive?
Mark plans to use the feces as _______ for his crops.
Extravehicular Activity
What does EVA stand for?
Sol 6-7
Which Sol range has to do with Mark's suit being breached, his carbon dioxide absorbers being expended and an overexposure to oxygen leading to his death (Problem 1)?
Mark reaches to the side of the helmet to get the breach kit. He opens it valve and sticks its wide end over the hole. The resin puts a seal on the breach while air escapes through the valve. In the meantime, he has to pull out the antennae that injured him so that it doesn't interfere with the process. He eventually makes it back to the Hab, where his oxygen is finally equalized. He then comes to run a diagnostic on the oxygenator, which he plans to use instead of his space suit to absorb carbon dioxide when he goes out again. It's said to last for 30 days, since there's only one person instead of six.
What is the solution to Problem 1?
Mitch Henderson
Who was the flight director for Ares 3?
Sol 6-97
What Sol range mentions the problem of Mark having no way to communicate with earth? (Problem 2)?
What is the name of the base located at Acidalia Planitia (short for habitat)?
What is the closest moon to Mars?
What is the farthest moon from Mars?
Which member of Ares 3 is an Air Force Veteran and devout Catholic?
What piece of equipment removes oxygen from Carbon Dioxide?
Beth Johanssen
Which member of Ares 3, according to Mark, is a great programmer, and fan of the Beatles'?
Bruce Ng
Who is the director of JPL?
At which crater will Ares 4 land at?
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
What does JPL stand for?
What is the name of the doctor in Ares 3?
Commander Lewis
On Sol 6, this person plans to do surface operations before the storm arrives.
Vogel, Martinez
What two people does Commander Lewis take with her to do the surface operations?
Which member of Ares 3 is apparently a German chemist?
Mark Watney
Who is the lowest ranked member on Ares 3?
How many samples does Vogel ask for each from both Lewis and Martinez?
The Hab is breached
What happens on Sol 119?
Mark gets in contact with NASA through Pathfinder.
What happens on Sol 97?
In what direction does Mark go towards when he's hit with an antennae?
True or False: NASA is successful in launching Iris to save Mark Watney.
Chapter 15
In which chapter does it mention the failure of Iris?
As Commander Lewis and her team are heading to Hermes for emergency liftoff, Mark is hit with an antennae, leading his team to think that he's dead. When it turns out he's alive, he's trapped on Mars.
What happens on Sol 6?
What is the complication that Mark finds on Sol 16?
Sol 71
On which Sol does Mark start Sirius 4?
A sol is _____ minutes longer than a day.
The Hab is blown up (hydrogen problem).
What happens on Sol 37?