Chapter One

Individual-Level Processes
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Psychological social psychology tends to focus on the single person, on how an individual's perceptions of a social situation affect how she or he thinks, feels, and behaves in that situation. Sociological social psychology, however, tends to focus on the relationship between the individual and larger social systems (e.g., society).
Social psychology only emphasizes interaction among individuals in a particular context.FalseSocial psychological theories explore key social psychological processes that help us to understand how people construct their realities and ways of doing things in everyday interactions.TrueA fundamental goal is to illustrate how individual-level processes contribute to explaining processes of social inequality.TrueSocial inequality is a state of affairs involving an even distribution of resources to all.FalseThe definition of social psychology presumes that individual-level processes are studied systematically through social scientific methods.TrueSociological social psychology looks at an individual's personality and behavior as innate.FalseSociety both influences and is influenced by the individual.TrueIndividuals construct their social worlds with little thought to meaning.FalseThe authors assume all biological creatures who believe, perceive, feel, and act.False