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MSITA Word Lessons 1-4 Study Guide

Where is the zoom control slider located in the Microsoft Word 2010 window?
Status bar
Which method is used to insert new lines into a document?
Use the Enter key
What is the result of using the Enter key on the keyboard?
A new paragraph begins
What action is necessary when saving a document for the first time in Microsoft Word 2010?
A file name must be assigned to the document
What is the proper method for viewing a document in Print Layout?
Choose the View ribbon and select the Print Layout option
Which is a method for moving quickly to the bottom of a document?
CTRL + End
The amount of space before and after each paragraph in a document is known as:
Paragraph spacing.
Where are the commands that adjust paragraph and line spacing in a document located?
The Home ribbon in the Paragraph group
Adding emphasis to a list of items in a Microsoft Word 2010 document is considered what type of formatting?
Which of the following is NOT an option for sharing a document via Email?
Send as Text Message
To automate work, which Microsoft Word 2010 feature appears as a purple dotted underline and offers a button displaying a menu of commands related to the specific task you are completing?
Smart tag
Microsoft Word 2010 is what common type of application software?
Word Processing
Which is NOT a document that is created using Microsoft Word 2010?
What is the name of the Microsoft Word 2010 feature that offers an optional display showing symbols indicating a tab, space, or use of the Enter key?
Nonprinting characters
Which command on the Page Layout ribbon enables the suer to control the way the document prints on the page?
Page Setup
When Microsoft Word 2010 marks a sentence in the document with a green wavy underline, what is indicated?
Possible grammatical error
Selecting text, pressing and holding the mouse button and moving the text to a new location is known as:
Drag and drop.
Where does Microsoft Word 2010 temporarily store copied information until it is pasted elsewhere?
Which dialog box in Microsoft Word 2010 is used to quickly locate a specific phrase in a document?
Find and replace
Which is the process of navigating to a specific location in a document such as a line number?
Go to
Which is the purpose of adding background shading to a selected area of a document in order to bring attention to the information?
Which term refers to changes made in a document that impact the appearance of the document?
The way in which a paragraph lines up horizontally between the paper edges of a document is called:
What are the dots added for emphasis to a list of items?
When items in a list need to stay in a particular order, which type of emphasis will be used?
What type of formatting is bold, underline or italic?
What is a combination of keystrokes to perform a task is referred to as?
Keyboard shortcut
What controls the variety of fonts, colors, and other visual effects available within a document?
To change a document theme in order to convey a different look and feel, which ribbon must be utilized?
Page Layout
Applied with one click, which Microsoft 2010 command enables an entire set of formatting choices?
Quick styles
Which are the two types of page breaks?
Automatic and manual
When the tab key is pressed, where the cursor moves to on the horizontal ruler is the:
Tab stop.
The row of dots between tabbed text is called a:
Dot leader.
The very top of the page in a document is known as the:
The very bottom of the page in a document is called the:
Which ribbon opens headers and footers in Microsoft Word 2010?
Which area is clicked to share a blog post on the File tab in a Microsoft Word 2010 document?
Save and Send
Which type of file can be selected as the starting point to create a new document the quickest way?
Where is the list of available file types found when starting a new document in Microsoft Word 2010?
File tab, new command