Hygiene Deficiencies

spoon nails (koilonychia)
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striations vertical nailsiron deficiency anaemiaWhite lines horizontalZinc, iron deficiency, anemiaInflammation of the nail bedParonychia Zinc defiencyClubbing nailsiodine deficiencyHalf white and half pink nail colourZinc deficiencyColour of the skin being patchyiron toxicitycrocodile skinVitamin B3 deficiencyCarotinodermiatoo much vitamin A (Vitamin toxicity)Hyper pigmentation (Edison disease)Vit b12 deficiencycyanosisa bluish discoloration of the skin - NitratesMenke diseasecopper defiencyMarasmus- monkey face - malnutration (carb, fat and protein deficiency) Potassium calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium deficiencykwashiorkorMoon face Zinc, selenium, and magnesium deficiencybrown teeth- magnesium, calcium & flouride toxicityKayser fleischer- gold ring eyes(cornea), wilson disease (copper toxicity)ScurvyVitamin C deficiencyJoints malformationsselenium deficiencyear white bodules- gout - uric acid toxicityDermatitisCan be B7 deficiency or zinc deficiency for acrodermatitisRicketsVitamin D deficiencyMenkes diseasea genetic disorder of copper transport that creates a COPPER deficiency and results in mental retardation, poor muscle tone, seizures, brittle kinky hair, and failure to thrivemental retardation cretinismIodine deficiencyBig Bone diseaseSelenium deficiencyenlarged thyroid glandgoiterAngular chelitis is ____Iron deficiency, B2 deficiencyglossitis-inflammation of the tongue. B9, B12, or Iron deficiencyhyperpigmentationdarkened areas of skin caused by excessive amounts of melanin - b12 deficiencyWilson's diseasea genetic disorder of COPPER metabolism that creates a copper toxicity and results in neurologic symptoms such as tremors, impaired speech, inappropriate behaviors, and personality changesDermititisZinc deficiencyPsoarisZinc deficiencyPigoen Chest-protrusion of the chest wall. Seen In ricketsfunnel chest- pectus excavatum - seen RicketsKashin-Beck disease-Deficiency of selenium, calcium, vitamin A, D and E. -a type of osteoarthritis, characterized by chondronecrosis - growth problems: dwarfism at childhood (age 2-3 years) - symmetrical severe articular deformities o shortened fingers o joint pain (ankle, wrist, knee and elbow.) - morning stiffness - restriction of movements - difficulty walkingKeshan disease-a deficiency of selenium, E, zinc, molybdenum, Polyunsaturated fatty acids -sudden onset of cardiac insufficiency, enlarged heart - coxsackievirus B - chills, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, dyspnea, arrhythmias, cardiogenic shock, congestive heart failure.