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I certainly appreciate your praise, ut i must say that i can see nothing so remakably ..... in having done what any decent person would do.


Since I don't like people who play favorites in the office, I have frequently.... against such behavior


Various insects have a marvelous capacity to protect themelves by...the appearance of twigs and other objects in their environment


In the question-and-answer session, we tried to.... from the candidates some definite indication of how they proposed to reduce the national debt.


I feel that, as an old friend, I have the... of criticizing your actions without arouding resentment


The only way to defeat the party in power is for all the reform groups to form an...and back a single slate of candidates


Although we tried to express our sympathy, we knew that mere words could do nothing to ... her grief


Their tastes have been luxurious living that they seem incapable of enjooying the simple pleasures of life.


Of course you ave a right to ask the waiter for a glass of water, but is there any need to use the ... tone of a spoiled child?


His confidence grew as he received clear signs of the... of his superiors.


during the the music, someone's ringing cell phone split the air.


i take no your personal remarks, but I feel you would have been better advised not to make the.


the midnight fire in our apartment buildig cast a ... unearthly light on the faces of the firefighters struggling to put it out.


the issure of good faith that your conduct raises far....the specific question of wheter or not you are responisble for the problem.


If you cannot meet the college's entrance requirements, it will be futile to have someone...on your behalf.


If you take pride in expressing yourself with force and originality, you should not use so many...phrases


in an age when the united states has truly global responsibiities, we cannot afford to have leaders with .... points of view


the manager expressed her unfavorable opinion of the job applicant by...rather han by direct statement


weakened militarily, and with a large part of the population living on free "bread and circuses," the once mighty Roman Empire now entered a period of....


forever humbling himself and flattering others, Dicken's Uriah Heep is famously....

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