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An example of verbal communication is:
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An effective sales approach begins within:30 secondsAnthony explained that he likes the khaki slacks, but since they have to be dry-cleaned, he hesitates to purchase them. The salesperson shares that the slacks are made with microfiber, which can be machine washed. Which technique for handling objections did the salesperson use?Direct denialLisa works for Neiman Marcus, a large upscale department store. Customers make appointments with Lisa to tell her of their needs and preferences. She provides a high level of individualized attention to her customers and often pulls together their entire season's wardrobe. Lisa is performing which role?Personal shopperJuan is helping a customer with a purchase. The customer cannot decide which item to buy. At this point, Juan's best course of action to help his customer reach a buying decision would be to:Stop showing additional itemsAn example of the greeting approach used in the retail selling process is:"Good Afternoon, Ms. Edwards"Jill bought a purse after seeing how many compliments her friend received for the same one. Which emotional buying motive did she experience?PrestigeJanet assists Lynne with the selection of a blouse for work. Lynne likes the fit and style of the blouse, but hesitates to purchase because it is dry clean only. This objection is based on which purpose?FeaturesDan receives compensation based on the percentage of the dollar amount of his sales. Dan should receive which consideration?CommissionA premium skin care company will award the sales associate with the highest total sales for the summer a three-day, all-expense-paid trip to Myrtle Beach. The trip is which type of compensation?IncentiveA salesperson assists a customer with the purchase of a dress. She explains to the customer that the vertical stripes help make people look taller. This is an example of which action?Translating product features into benefitsMike approached a customer looking at men's dress suits and said, "These are on sale for 20% off for the next three days." Which sales approach is Mike using?MerchandiseDan receives pay and benefits for his work accomplished. Which consideration is he receiving?CompensationShari, a sales associate, wants to ensure her customer is aware of the product features. In personal selling, which action is she intending?Involving two-way communication with the customerCustomers who purchase fashion items quickly are classified as which type of customer?DecidedWhich is a patronage motive?Merchandise assortmentThe reason a customer hesitates to buy a product is a/an:Objection