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Standard Table of Integrals

Standard Table of Integrals for the HSC. If you think more is necessary e.g. common ones that pop up, please tell me in the chat log (discuss box) thanks.
(x^n+1)/(n+1) + C
∫x^n dx
ln|x| + C
∫1/x dx
e^x + C
∫e^x dx
sinx + C
∫cosx dx
-cosx + C
∫sinx dx
tanx + C
∫sec²x dx
secx + C
∫secxtanx dx
(1/a)tan^-1(x/a) + C
∫1/a²+x² dx
sin^-1(x/a) + C
∫1/sqrt.(a²+x²) dx
ln{x+sqrt.(x^2-a^2)} + C
∫1/sqrt.(x²-a²) dx
ln{x+sqrt.(x^2+a^2)} + C
∫1/sqrt.(x²+a²) dx