Barber CH 18 Haircoloring & Lightening

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Which hair characteristic is an indication of the strength of the cortex, including cross-bonds and melanin molecules?
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Mixing equal parts of _____creates green.yellow & blueMixing equal amounts of one primary color with _____yields a tertiary of its adjacent secondary colorsComplementary colors are positioned ____on the color wheel.directly opposite of each otherWhen _____are mixed in equal parts, they neutralize each & blueYellow is the complementary color of ____.violetTone is the _____of a color.warmth or coolnessIn haircoloring, the level system is used to analyze the ____of a hair color.lightness or darknessThe degree of concentration of pigment or amount of pigment in the color is also known as thesaturationViolet helps minimize ____ tones.yellowThe natural level of the client's hair is accomplished by using _____or color ring to match the client's hair color.a manufacturer's swatchWhich percentage of gray hair is characterized by most of the remaining pigment being located at the back of the head?70-90Temporary haircolor is made up of the ______molecules.largestColor-enhancing shampoos are a combination of a _____with a shampoo.color rinse_____haircolor fades gradually.Semi permanentSelf-penetrating colors, such as _____colors, tend to make a mild chemical and physical change.semi permanent_______ haircolor deposit color without lightening natural or artificial color in the hair.Demi permanentThe uses for demi permanent haircolor include________.performing corrective coloring_____haircolor require retouching.PermanentPermanent haircolor products mixed with an equal amount of _____volume peroxide are capable of lifting the color one or two levels.20To blend away the line of ______between the new growth and the previously colored hair, you will perform a retouch application.demarcationBefore application, _____must be mixed with hydrogen peroxide.oxidation tintsMetallic dyes are also calledProgressive colorsA _____is an oxidizing agent that supplies oxygen gas for the development of color molecules when mixed with an oxidative haircolor product.hydrogen peroxide developerA color change occurs in the hair when _____combines with the melanin.oxygenIn haircoloring, the _____of hydrogen peroxide is expressed as volume.strengthThe _____of hydrogen peroxide, the lesser the lift or lightening achieved.lower the volume40-volume hydrogencan achieve up to four levels of lift/lightening in one stepHydrogen peroxide in _____form tend to stay moist on the hair longer than the liquid form.creamDry peroxides _______have become somewhat obsoleteLighteners are chemical compounds that lighten natural hair pigment by ___________________the natural hair pigment.all answers are correctThe most popular type of on-the-scalp lightener iscreamWhich type of lighteners will stay in place and not run or drip, but do not contain conditioning agents and tend to dry out quickly?PowderGold oil lightener lightens and adds golden to ___ tones depending on the base color of the hair.reddishA _____helps achieve the desired color or tones in the hair or neutralize the unwanted undertones.tonerA ______is given to a client to determine a possible sensitivity to aniline derivatives, an ingredient in toners.patch testOver lightened hair willabsorb or grab the base color of the tonerOil-base dye removers remove artificial pigment from the hair lifting it from cuticle layersColor fillers are used to ________and equalize excessive porosity in one application.create a color baseColor fillers can be used to ______prevent dullnessTint stains may be removed from the skin withleftover tintA strand test is performed for color applications to determinehow the hair will react to a haircolor productA soap cap is used to blend lines of demarcation when a _____application does not quite match the former color application.retouchA tint back ______returns the hair to its natural shadePre-softening ________treats gray or other resistant hair to facilitate better color penetrationThe free-form technique__________paints a lightener or color directly onto clean, styled hairIn a ______haircolor application, haircoloring product is applied to the entire strand.virginSingle-process haircoloring is a process that ______the hair in one, single application.lightens and deposits color inIn double-process haircoloring, the hair is ______before the depositing color is applied.lightenedHighlighting is the process of coloring _____than the natural or artificial color.some of the hair strands lighter_______is the process of coloring strands or sections of the hair darker than the natural or artificial color.LowlightingThe cap technique involves pulling strands of hair through the holes of a _____and applying haircolor or lightener only to these strands.perforated capA client record card should include______information appertaining to the haircoloring serviceThe first step in the removal of _____dye from the hair is the application of 70 percent alcohol.metallicMustaches and bears can be colored with _______liquid eyebrow and eyelash tintTo restore damaged hair to a healthier condition, hair conditioners containing lanolin and _____substances should be used.proteinFor how long before the application of a haircolor product containing an aniline derivative should a patch test be given?24-48 hoursWhat might happen if you apply hydrogen peroxide or any material containing hydrogen peroxide directly over dyes known or believed to contain a metallic salt?Breakage or complete disintegration of the hair.