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Collab. quiz wae Purpleteeth and Camershaw3 for the Malware section ae Software. Ma part is on the categories of malware Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses

'Classic' Virus

A nasty wee code hing that gits inserted in other program files; this file turns intae the host file an when it activates so does the code, which starts gittin tae work on yer computer. Its a wee leechy hing and canny work withoot the host program

Virus Payload; Common Symptoms

The mast usual things a virus dis tae yer computer when it executes is tae:
- Gee it a reeboot
- Pit up unwanted messages an doo-daas
- Delete aw yer data

Virus Replication

Viruses are sneaky wee hings and will try tae copy its ane code onto other programs on the same computer and yasin them as the host

Spreading A Virus

Viruses can infect other programs when some eejit transfers or copies them to another system, it canny git aboot wae a network


Worms replicate by yasing network resources themselves tae other systems so it can git in aboot them and infect them. They dinnae latch on tae a program cos they can activate themselves rather than needin a host tae execute

Worm Infection

Worms get flung across a network so they can infect other systmes. They usually git sent through an email (which can be sent without the users knowledge and done automatically) so it cin infect them, but can also hide inside a Trojan that contains a worm

Trojan Horses

Another sneaky wee hing that looks awright bit it actually contains malware

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