FAA Part 107 Test Questions 2022

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UA.I.A.K4 A small UA causes an accident and your crew member loses consciousness. When do you report the accident?
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UA.I.B.K8 After having dinner and wine, your client asks you to go outside to demonstrate the small UAs capabilities. You mustB) not operate a small UA within 8 hours of consuming any alcoholic beverage.UA.I.B.K9 Daylight operation. According to 14 CFR part 107, what is required to operate a small UA within 30 minutes after official sunset?A. Use of anti-collision lights.UA.I.B.K14 During a flight of your small UA, you observe a hot air balloon entering the area. You shouldA) yield the right-of-way to the hot air balloon.107.37 says,(a) Each small unmanned aircraft must yield the right of way to all aircraft, airborne vehicles, and launch and reentry vehicles. Yielding the right of way means that the small unmanned aircraft must give way to the aircraft or vehicle and may not pass over, under, or ahead of it unless well clear."]UA.I.B.K16 Prior authorization required for operation in certain airspace. According to 14 CFR part 107, how may a remote pilot operate an unmanned aircraft in class C airspace?A. The remote pilot must have prior authorization from the Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility having jurisdiction over that airspace. [You are going to have to have an airspace waiver.§107.41 says,"No person may operate a small unmanned aircraft in Class B, Class C, or Class D airspace or within the lateral boundaries of the surface area of Class E airspace designated for an airport unless that person has prior authorization from Air Traffic Control (ATC)."UA.I.B.K20 Preflight familiarization, inspection, and actions for aircraft operations. According to 14 CFR part 107, who is responsible for determining the performance of a small unmanned aircraft?A. Remote pilot-in-command.See 107.19."If anything goes wrong, it is most likely the PIC's fault."UA.I.B.K21a According to 14 CFR part 107, what is the maximum groundspeed for a small UA?A) 87 knots. [87 knots is 100 MPH]UA.I.B.K22 Upon request by the FAA, the remote pilot-in-command must provideB) a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS ratingUA.I.B.K25 When may a remote pilot reduce the intensity of an aircraft's lights during a night flight?When it is in the interest of safety to dim the aircraft's lights.UA.I.C.K2 The refusal of a remote PIC to submit to a blood alcohol test when requested by a law enforcement officerA) is grounds for suspension of revocation of their remote pilot certificate.UA.I.E.K3a To conduct Category 1 operations, a remote pilot in command must use a small unmanned aircraft that weighsA. 0.55 pounds or less.UA.I.E.K3d Which Category of small unmanned aircraft must have an airworthiness certificate issued by the FAA?A. 4.UA.I.F.K1 What must a person, who is manipulating the controls of a small unmanned aircraft, do if the standard remote identification fails during a flight?A. Land the aircraft as soon as practicable.UA.II.A.K1b General airspace: Class C controlled airspace. According to 14 CFR part 107 the remote pilot in command (PIC) of a small unmanned aircraft planning to operate within Class C airspaceC. is required to receive ATC authorization.UA.II.A.K3 Your surveying company is a title sponsor for a race team at the Indianapolis 500. To promote your new aerial surveying department, you decide to video part of the race using a small UA. The FAA has issued a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for the race in the area you plan to fly. In this situationB. the TFR applies to all aircraft; you may not fly in the area without a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization.Why would the small flag at a Lake of the sectional chart be important to a remote pilot?This is a VFR check point for manned aircraft, and a higher volume of air traffic should be expected there.How would a remote PIC "CHECK NOTAMS" as noted in the CAUTION box regarding the unmarked balloon?By obtaining a briefing via an online source[METAR KLAX 121852Z 25004KT 6SM BR SCT007 SCT250 16/15 A2991 SPECI KMDW 121856Z 32005KT 1 1/2SM RA OVC007 17/16 A2980 RMK RAB35] UA.III.A.K2 Aviation routine weather reports (METAR). (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2H, Figure 12.) What are the current conditions for Chicago Midway Airport (KMDW)?A. Sky 700 feet overcast, visibility 1-1/2SM, rain. [Time, wind direction and speed, visibility in SM, clouds, Temperature/ dew point, altimeter in inches of mercury. It is almost always the same format. Just go through and find the two wrong answers.]UA.III.B.K1a Weather theory: Density altitude. What effect does high density altitude have on the efficiency of a UA propeller?B. Propeller efficiency is decreased.Weather theory: Atmospheric stability, pressure, and temperature. What are the characteristics of stable air?B. Poor visibility and steady precipitation.UA.III.B.K1d Weather theory: Air masses and fronts. What are characteristics of a moist, unstable air mass?A. Turbulence and showery precipitation.UA.III.B.K1j Weather theory: Fog. You have received an outlook briefing from flight service through 1800wxbrief.com. The briefing indicates you can expect a low-level temperature inversion with high relative humidity. What weather conditions would you expect?A. Smooth air, poor visibility, fog, haze, or low clouds.UA.IV.A.K1b General loading and performance: Balance, stability, and center of gravity. To ensure that the unmanned aircraft center of gravity (CG) limits are not exceeded, follow the aircraft loading instructions specified in theA. Pilot's Operating Handbook or UAS Flight Manual.UA.IV.A.K1b General loading and performance: Balance, stability, and center of gravity. A stall occurs when the smooth airflow over the unmanned airplane`s wing is disrupted, and the lift degenerates rapidly. This is caused when the wingC. exceeds its critical angle of attack. [You aren't going to be flying if you hit this angle no matter how fast you are going.UA.IV.A.K1a. The importance and use of performance data to predict the effect on the aircraft's performance of an sUAS. When operating an unmanned airplane, the remote pilot should consider that the load factor on the wings may be increased anytimeB. the airplane is subjected to maneuvers other than straight and level flight.C) Private non-towered.it has a big R on it. You can tell it is not towered because it is magenta and not blue.]The most comprehensive information on a given airport is provided byA. the Chart Supplements U.S.UA.V.C.K1 Emergency planning and communication. When using a small UA in a commercial operation, who is responsible for briefing the participants about emergency procedures?C. The remote PIC.To avoid a possible collision with a manned airplane, you estimate that your small UA climbed to an altitude greater than 600 feet AGL. To whom must you report the deviation?C. Upon request of the Federal Aviation Administration.What precautions should a remote PIC do to prevent possible inflight emergencies when using lithium-based batteries?Follow the manufacturer`s recommendations for safe battery handlingSafety is an important element for a remote pilot to consider prior to operating an unmanned aircraft system. To prevent the final "link" in the accident chain, a remote pilot must consider which methodology?C. Risk Management.A local TV station has hired a remote pilot to operate their small UA to cover breaking news stories. The remote pilot has had multiple near misses with obstacles on the ground and two small UAS accidents. What would be a solution for the news station to improve their operating safety culture?The news station should recognize hazardous attitudes and situations and develop standard operating procedures that emphasize safety.hen adapting crew resource management (CRM) concepts to the operation of a small UA, CRM must be integrated intoB. all phases of the operation.UA.V.D.K2 When a remote pilot-in-command and a visual observer define their roles and responsibilities prior to and during the operation of a small UA is a good use ofA) Crew Resource Management.Hazardous attitudes. Identify the hazardous attitude or characteristic a remote pilot displays while taking risks in order to impress others?C. Macho.You have been hired as a remote pilot by a local TV news station to film breaking news with a small UA. You expressed a safety concern and the station manager has instructed you to "fly first, ask questions later." What type of hazardous attitude does this attitude represent?C. Impulsivity.UA.V.E.K2 Drugs and alcohol use. Which is true regarding the presence of alcohol within the human body?C. Judgment and decision-making abilities can be adversely affected by even small amounts of alcohol.Stress and fatigue. You are a remote pilot for a co-op energy service provider. You are to use your UA to inspect power lines in a remote area 15 hours away from your home office. After the drive, fatigue impacts your abilities to complete your assignment on time. Fatigue can be recognized.B. as being in an impaired state.Factors affecting vision. Which technique should a remote pilot use to scan for traffic? A remote pilot shouldA. systematically focus on different segments of the sky for short intervals.When preparing for a night flight, what should an sUAS pilot be aware of after assembling and conducting a preflight of an aircraft while using a bright flashlight or work light?B. It takes approximately 30 minutes for a persons eyes to fully adapt to darkness.UA.V.F.K1 Basic maintenance. Under what condition should the operator of a small UA establish scheduled maintenance protocol?A. When the manufacturer does not provide a maintenance schedule.UA.V.F.K1 What actions should the operator of an sUAS do if the manufacturer does not provide information about scheduled maintenance?B) The operator should establish a scheduled maintenance protocol.UA.V.F.K2 Preflight inspection. According to 14 CFR part 107, the responsibility to inspect the small UAS to ensure it is in a safe operating condition rests with theA. remote pilot-in-command.