In 1970, this was passed to help law enforcement combat organized crime:
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Which of the following is true about triads:All of theseThe largest motorcycle gang in the world:Hell's AngelsThe toughest member of each chapter of the Hell's Angels usually serves which role?Sergeant-At-ArmsTerm first used by the sheriff of Riverside County to distinguish southern California bikers such as the POBOBs from those motorcycle enthusiasts affiliated with the mainstream AMA.OutlawChinese immigrants facing abuse and random violence in the United States established:TongsThis organized crime syndicated was established in the gulags of Russia:VoryThe official club insignia of motorcycle clubs are called "colors" or "patches."TRUEWhere does the name "yakuza" originate?A card gameMany of the criminals in Russian organized crime are of this ethnicity:JewishThis is the only one of the "big five" motorcycle clubs that does not have an international chapter:PagansToday's criminal networks are fluid, striking new alliances with other networks around the world and engaging in a wide range of illicit activities, including cybercrime and providing support for terrorism.TrueThis Latin American syndicate based in Colombia controls a drug syndicate that exports more than 1 billion dollars of cocaine to the United States and Europe:Los ChatnizosThe most notorious criminal enterprise in Nigeria is _________.Advanced-fee scam (419 scam)To be currently eligible for membership in La Cosa Nostra, a young man must be which ethnicity?ItalianThis political group ruled Mexico for more than 70 years, leading to widespread political corruption and fostered an environment where organized crime could thrive:Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI)This street gang developed in El Salvador but has since spread to the United States:MS-13In what ways are terrorist groups and organized crime syndicates alike?Both syndicates and terrorist groups use illegal violence or threat of violence. Both syndicates and terrorist groups use similar means to fund their activitiesA code of silence about involvement in criminal activity: AnomieOmertáWhat options are given to rival drug dealers who are approached by the Gangster Disciples?All of theseThe film "American Gangster" was based on which organized crime figure?Frank Lucas