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an act that violates criminal law


a lawsuit


either party directly involved in a lawsuit


one who initiates a lawsuit


a person who is being sued


a legal notice to a defendant in a lawsuit requiring his/her appearance in court at a certain time and place


a writ that commands a witness to appear at a trial and to give testimony

subpoena duces tecum

an order to appear in court with documents


final decision of the court in a lawsuit

Statute of Limitations

time established for filing a lawsuit

Medical Arbitration Panel

established to listen and to investigate patients' complaints about medical care and excessive fees


the breaking of a law, duty or promise

Breach of Duty

violation or omission of a legal or moral duty

invasion of privacy

a violation of a person's right to have his/her name, photograph, or private affairs exposed or made public without consent

reasonable cause

actions by a healthcare worker that are considered reasonable as compared to health care workers in the same field


lack of physical or mental fitness

false imprisonment

holding or detaining a person against his/her wil


a legal statement of how an individual's property is to be distributed after death


an agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of some definite thing

privileged communication

information given by the patient to medical personnel which cannot be disclosed without consent of the person who gave it


negligence by a professional person


the branch of study of moral issues, questions and problems arising in the practice of edicine and in biomedical research


conduct, courtesy, and manners customary in the medical profession


defines right and wrong conduct

Controlled Substance Act of 1970

requires a doctor who administers narcotics to be registered with he DEA and have a narcotics license


a rule of conduct made by a government body

public law

criminal law, constitutional law, administrative law, international law


crimes against the country


a major crime for which greater punishment is imposed


a lesser crime

criminal law

defines crimes

constitutional law

defines the rights, responsibilities, and powers of the government and its citizens

administrative law

describes the rights and powers of government agencies

international law

deals with treaties and agreements between/among countries

civil law

a statute that enforces private rights and responsibilities

contract law/commercial law

rights and obligations of people who enter into contracts

Tort law

governs wrongs or injuries suffered by someone because of another


a threat to touch, threatened battery


unlawful touching


coercing or persuading a person physically or verbally, by threat or by pressure, to d something s/he does not want to do


written defamation of character


spoken defamation of character

property law

governs the ownership of personal property or real estate

inheritance law

concerned with the transfer of property after an owner's death

family law

governs the rights and obligations of families

corporation law

governs the formation and operation of incorporated businesses


a physician who is already licensed in one state may be granted license to practice in another state


permission granted by a person vluntarily in his/her competent mind

living will

a legal document addressed to the patients family and the physician stating what type of treatment the patient wishes or does not wish if they become terminally ill


the failure to do an act that a reasonable person in the similar circumstance would have done or the doing of an act that should have been done


the performance of an act that is totally wrongful or unlawful


the wrongful performanace of a lawful act


not performing an act that should have been done


injuries suffered by the patient

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