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  1. Resource of Dakota
  2. forty-first division
  3. November 2, 1889
  4. Nonpartisan League (NPL)
  1. a ND becomes the 39th state of the union
    issued by Pres. Harrison
  2. b ...
  3. c represented the underlying discontent for ND politics
  4. d ND's national guard units that fourth in WWI

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  1. Republican progressive who led ND into a new political direction; editor of the Grand Forks Herald
  2. Settler could acquire 160 acres of land if they planted 10 acres of trees
  3. first bishop of the first diocese in ND
  4. Established by Congress to look after the Indians on the reservations; natives were treated as wards of the government
  5. created the nonpartisan league

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  1. general storeone stop shopping location that contained goods shipped in from the East


  2. independent voters associationowned by the farmers who sold grain to it,aimed to return its profits to its members and to pay farmers higher prices for their wheat.


  3. prairie firedamaged or destroyed homes; caused loss of lives and crops


  4. sod houseswere built on the prairie where wood was not available


  5. Organic Act of Dakotacreated Dakota Territory on March 2, 1861 by Pres. Buchanan
    included present day South Dakota