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  1. Progressives
  2. general store
  3. William Jayne
  4. William Beadle
  5. Preemption Act of 1841
  1. a ...
  2. b one stop shopping location that contained goods shipped in from the East
  3. c 1st territorial governor
    Pres. Lincoln's personal physician & campaign manager
  4. d settlers could buy 160 acres of land at $1.25/acre if they didn't all ready own 320 acres in any state or territory
  5. e reformers who believed people should have more voice in government

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  1. ...
  2. owned by the farmers who sold grain to it,aimed to return its profits to its members and to pay farmers higher prices for their wheat.
  3. created Dakota Territory on March 2, 1861 by Pres. Buchanan
    included present day South Dakota
  4. ...
  5. political boss of North Dakota
    influence made him a controversial figure

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  1. isolationistsbelieved that having the state government play a larger role in the economy could help cure society's economic ills


  2. independent voters associationpurpose was to rid the state of Socialists; succeeded in limiting support, but did not completely destroy them


  3. Arthur C. Townleycreated the nonpartisan league


  4. Nonpartisan League (NPL)represented the underlying discontent for ND politics


  5. County Agent Programa game of chance in which numbered tickets were sold, and the holder of the number drawn was declared the winner of prizes and money