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  1. County Agent Program
  2. Omnibus Bill of 1889
  3. Cooperative Elevator
  4. Homestead Act of 1862
  5. Louisiana Lottery
  1. a a game of chance in which numbered tickets were sold, and the holder of the number drawn was declared the winner of prizes and money
  2. b authorized drafting of constitutions for four states including North Dakota
  3. c was started by Cooper, hired field worker to go to farms and educate farmers about the goals of the association
  4. d settlers could get 160 acres of land if they lived on it for 5 years and cultivated some of it
  5. e owned by the farmers who sold grain to it,aimed to return its profits to its members and to pay farmers higher prices for their wheat.

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  1. Americans wanted the US to stay out of the European conflict
  2. created the nonpartisan league
  3. believed that having the state government play a larger role in the economy could help cure society's economic ills
  4. check that cannot be cashed until the date of the check;
    allowed farmers without membership money for the NPL to pay later
  5. ND becomes the 39th state of the union
    issued by Pres. Harrison

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  1. Bank of North Dakota (BND)...


  2. prairie firehotly debated part of of the new constitution
    delegated the locations of various government buildings


  3. Timber Culture Act of 1873Settler could acquire 160 acres of land if they planted 10 acres of trees


  4. Alexander McKenziepeople could vote to take a law off the books after legislature has passed it


  5. William Beadle...