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  1. Arthur C. Townley
  2. Arthur Mellete
  3. Golden Age of Agriculture
  4. Bank of North Dakota (BND)
  5. Organic Act of Dakota
  1. a created Dakota Territory on March 2, 1861 by Pres. Buchanan
    included present day South Dakota
  2. b the years between 1900-1914, population increased and food demand was on the rise causing agricultural products to rise and gave the farmer a fair return on labor and investment
  3. c ...
  4. d created the nonpartisan league
  5. e Established by the ND legislature; only state owned bank in the US

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  1. ND becomes the 39th state of the union
    issued by Pres. Harrison
  2. established missions in Pembina in 1848 and converted American Indians to Christianity
  3. ...
  4. settlers could get 160 acres of land if they lived on it for 5 years and cultivated some of it
  5. ND's national guard units that fourth in WWI

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  1. William Beadle...


  2. isolationistsbelieved that having the state government play a larger role in the economy could help cure society's economic ills


  3. general storeone stop shopping location that contained goods shipped in from the East


  4. referendumvoters can remove a public official before the term of office was completed


  5. initiativegave people the right to create and pass a law by popular vote