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  1. recall
  2. Nonpartisan League (NPL)
  3. congressional townships
  4. William Beadle
  5. Dakota Farmers' Alliance
  1. a parcels of land 6 miles square and divided into 36 one-mile-square sections
  2. b ...
  3. c voters can remove a public official before the term of office was completed
  4. d represented the underlying discontent for ND politics
  5. e organization of farmers and others who wanted to correct the political and economic problems of those who lived in Dakota Territory

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  1. was started by Cooper, hired field worker to go to farms and educate farmers about the goals of the association
  2. established missions in Pembina in 1848 and converted American Indians to Christianity
  3. were built on the prairie where wood was not available
  4. Established by Congress to look after the Indians on the reservations; natives were treated as wards of the government
  5. ND's national guard units that fourth in WWI

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  1. Timber Culture Act of 1873Settler could acquire 160 acres of land if they planted 10 acres of trees


  2. Omnibus Bill of 1889ND becomes the 39th state of the union
    issued by Pres. Harrison


  3. John Millera politician loyal to Alexander McKenzie, was North Dakota's first governor


  4. isolationistsAmericans wanted the US to stay out of the European conflict


  5. Louisiana Lotterya game of chance in which numbered tickets were sold, and the holder of the number drawn was declared the winner of prizes and money