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  1. Father George Belcourt
  2. William Jayne
  3. Article XIX
  4. congressional townships
  5. Bank of North Dakota (BND)
  1. a 1st territorial governor
    Pres. Lincoln's personal physician & campaign manager
  2. b Established by the ND legislature; only state owned bank in the US
  3. c established missions in Pembina in 1848 and converted American Indians to Christianity
  4. d hotly debated part of of the new constitution
    delegated the locations of various government buildings
  5. e parcels of land 6 miles square and divided into 36 one-mile-square sections

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  1. was started by Cooper, hired field worker to go to farms and educate farmers about the goals of the association
  2. political boss of North Dakota
    influence made him a controversial figure
  3. one stop shopping location that contained goods shipped in from the East
  4. ...
  5. voters can remove a public official before the term of office was completed

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  1. initiativedamaged or destroyed homes; caused loss of lives and crops


  2. Arthur C. Townleycreated the nonpartisan league


  3. Golden Age of Agriculturethe years between 1900-1914, population increased and food demand was on the rise causing agricultural products to rise and gave the farmer a fair return on labor and investment


  4. Reich Germansleft Germany and settled throughout North Dakota


  5. Bureau of Indian Affairsdamaged or destroyed homes; caused loss of lives and crops