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Holt - Science & Technology Chp. 19- Cycles in Nature The Cycles of Nature Ecological Succession


The replacement of one type of community by another at a single place over a period of time.

pioneer species

A species that colonized an uninhabited area and that starts a process of succession


The change of a substance from a liquid to a gas


The change of state from gas to a liquid


Any form of water that falls o the earths surface from the clouds


The breakdown of substances into simpler molecular substances


The burning of a substance


The variety of species in an area


is precipitation that falls on land and then goes into rivers and lakes

Animals get the carbon they need

by eating plants.


Organic matter being broken down by bacteria and returning
carbon dioxide and water to the environment

What organisms need to build proteins and DNA


How do most animals get the nitrogen they need?

from eating other organisms

Primary succession

is a community growing in an area where organisms have never lived

Primary succession begins

on bare rock.

Climax species

is a well adapted species in a mature community.

A forest fire can show succession because

the trees and plants have been destroyed
however there is still soil that contains nutrients that
was unaffected therefore organisms will begin to

Biodiversity lets

a community undergo changes and survive

mature community

has organisms that are well adapted to live together in the same area over time

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