Preparation vs product
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BUD on sterile products without BUD from manufacturer and compounded by a prescriber?6HTrue or false. Prescribers can compound drugs regardless of patient-specific needs.False. May only compound is a specific patient need exists (no anticipatory compounding)For immediate-use sterile compounded drugs to be exempt from normal compounding rules, what must be true about the drugs going into the preparation?A simple transfer of not more than 3 commercially manufactured sterile non-hazardous drugs from the original container AND not more than 2 entries into any one container (either dilution fluid or administration container/device)BUD for immediate-use sterile compounded preparations?6H following preparation of drugBUD for immediate-use sterile compounded with buffered lidocaine containing antimicrobial preservatives?12HLabel on immediate-use sterile compounded if not administered immediately must contain?1. Patient name 2. Name & qty of each ingredient 3. BUD and time prepared 4. Name/initials of compounder