15 terms

Chapter 7 - Media

high-tech politics
policy-making is strongly shaped by modern modes of communication
mass media
TV, Radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines
media event
staged occurrence that attracts press attention
press conferences
Meetings of public officials with reporters.
investigative journalism
reporting that reveals scandals, scams and schemes
print media
newspapers and magazines, as compared with broadcasting media
broadcast media
Television, radio, and the Internet, as compared with print media.
Media programming focused on a particular audience
Control Broadcast media. And conglomerates four fifth's of the nations daily newspaper circulation
Locations from which news frequently emanates such as the White House
trial balloons
Intentional news leak for the purpose of assessing political reaction.
sound bites
short video clips about 10 seconds long
talking head
a shot of person's face talking directly to the camera
policy agenda
The issues that attract the attention of people that are into politics.
policy entrepreneurs
People who invest their political capital in an issue