Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

22 terms by slogsdon

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a play written for television


the main message or moral an author wishes to communicate to the reader


a type or category of literature, such as fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or drama

science fiction

fiction based on real or imagined scientific developments (often involves space travel or time travel)

point of view

the perspective from which a story is told

first person

a point of view where the narrator is a character in the story (uses I, me, we, etc.)

third person

a point of view where the narrator is not a character (uses he, she, they, it, etc.)

third person omniscient

a point of view that allows the narrator to relate the thoughts and feelings of ONE character


a person, place, object, or action that stands for something beyond itself


words that characters speak aloud


a force working against the protagonist (can be another character, society,


nervous or confused


showing great concentration or determination


refusing to give up; continuing stubbornly


hopeful about the future; confident


willing to stand up to opposition; bold


hostility; unfriendliness


to cause to appear guilty


in accordance with accepted practices; reasonable


a personal way of acting; odd mannerism


twisted or pulled out of shape


radioactive particles that fall to earth after a nuclear explosion

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