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  1. depth cues available to either eye alone
  2. extrasensory perception; the controversial claim that perception can occur apart from sensory input
  3. an organized whole; tendency to integrate pieces of info into meaningful wholes
  4. in vision, the ability to adjust an artifically displaced or even inverted visual field
  5. a mental predisposition to perceive one thing and not another
  6. if we assume two objects are similar in size, most people perceive the one that casts the smaller retinal image as farther away

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  1. Retinal Disparitybinocular cue for perceiving depth; greatest diff b/w 2 images


  2. Convergencesimultaneous inward movement of both eyes toward each other, usually in an effort to maintain single binocular vision when viewing an object


  3. Linear Perspectiveif one object partially blocks our view of another, we perceive it as closer


  4. Relative Motionas we move, objects that are actually stable may appear to move


  5. Visual Clifflabratory device for testing depth perception in infants


  6. Relative Heightwe perceive objects higher in our field of vision as farther away